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416 thoughts on “Get Your New Fall Casual Shoes from Xero Shoes

  1. Oh I hope I can win the Boaty McBoat!!!

  2. They all look great. Hoping that the Genesis comes back soon also!

  3. That Pacifica….a-yup. Looks fantastic, Xeropeeps!

  4. The pacifica looks really comfortable. I hope I win.

  5. Fingers crossed for the Vienna!!! (Plus it’s my favorite Billy Joel song 😉 )

  6. Hi,

    Cool shoes, when are there more pics available?

  7. I’d love to try the Vienna. Though it will be hard competing with the Prios!

  8. More pics and videos and reviews are on the way!

  9. I really hope the boat shoes come with a white sole option. I am super excited about those!

  10. I love the Vienna, super cute! I only have one pair of Xero Shoes so far, but want several more. Can’t wear my Clouds this winter, the Vienna would be perfect!

  11. I’m loving the Vienna!! Looks like exactly what I’ve been saying I need for winter!

  12. Can’t wait for the boots!

  13. Exactly what I’ve been waiting for. Nice work!

  14. I like those Vienna and my last purchase, which I love, was a pair of Jessies, but… I’m a guy.

  15. Love Xero shoes. At I west most of the time – unless of course I can actually be barefoot!

  16. I dream of the day I own the entire Xero line-up…

  17. Waiting for a store in Poland!

  18. I’d love to win the Vienna’s because I am from Vienna and I live here! I would wear them from autumn to spring 🙂 and in summer I wear my xero sandals ^.^

  19. I really love the Pacifica show. It is so nice and sleek And looks so comfortable. Thank you for the chance to win. 🙂

  20. I hope to win the Vienna, it looks great! I would wear them all the time in the fall!

  21. Great looking shoes!! They might get added to my current line up…

  22. Love the Vienna and the Boaty! I’m super excited for more options for me and my kids, especially my son who does not like sandals.

  23. So excited about the new fall shoes! My husband needs those boaty mc boat shoes for work!!!

  24. I like the Vienna!

  25. I’m interested in Boaty and Pacifica!!

  26. Take me to Vienna! And I’ll wear Vienna on my feet too 😀

  27. I hope to win a boaty mcboat! erm, boaty 😀

  28. I totally love the Vienna! I love the covered toe, high ankle, and easier on/off. Perfect!

  29. Hmmm,new shoes…..weeeee!

    Okay then,take my money 😉

  30. All I wear are boat/deck shoes.

  31. I love the look of the Vienna!

  32. imma win those shoes!

  33. Boat, boat, boat! Here we go sailing with my new shoes!

  34. Love them all! Probably would buy the boat shoes first since I live in a super hot climate. I desperately need a true white “barefoot” shoe also.

  35. Really hope the UK gets more stock / stockists. I like the Daylite Hiker in men’s width.

    Would love a pair in Mesquite.

  36. awesome, love my hanas and ztrails, definitely am interested in checking out a new pair of xero shoes

  37. I want the vienna to chase my kids around in this fall

  38. I love these shoes!

  39. I love my Zero’s and I can’t wait to get the Pacificas!

  40. Great shoes Love them!

  41. I’d love to rock those viennas in the NEO fall and in the office.

  42. I’m really looking forward to the Boatie shoes. I wear the Prios to run in but need something for use on the many boats in our coastal community. I like being able to feel the boat beneath me when I move around the deck, and regular shoes don’t do that. I’m hoping these will be the next best thing to being barefoot.

  43. The Vienna! I can’t wait to have a stylish fall shoe that also makes my feet happy!

  44. The Pacificas look good!

  45. My z-trails have gone from my backpacking sandals to my daily shoes! I love when random people stop and ask me about them as I take them off my feet and roll them up to show the flexibility it allows my feet to have (unlike other bulky outdoor sandals). My Lena’s are on their way and I look forward to wearing them to work- I teach so I am on my feet all day!

    So excited for the Pacificas to come out and keep me warm this fall and winter! THANK YOU XERO SHOES!

  46. I’d choose the Vienna because I’ve been looking for a stylish, minimalist boot for work!

  47. I love my xero sandles and I can’t wait to try the Vienna boots!!

  48. Quite enjoy them all!

  49. The Vienna looks perfect for a fall wardrobe!

  50. Can’t wait for the boots!

  51. The pacifica look so great. i am going to be so tempted to buy a pair!

  52. Steven, you’ve clearly found your calling! Psyched about the Vienna, cute boot for fall. Mmmm, Merlot.

  53. I have several different pairs of Xero shoes. But I think I need those Pacificas, too!

  54. I’m hankering for a pair of Vienna’s – they look so comfy and classy at once. These will definitely make chasing the kiddos around more fun.

  55. Excited about Boaty! And so affordable!

  56. I can hear it! That Pacifica is calling out to me.

  57. All three look great! I definitely want the Vienna. Is there a way to make it waterproof? I LOVE my canvas Lena’s, but just walking over a wet lawn and they soak up all the water.

  58. All three look amazing! But I’ll likely start with the Vienna first 🙂

  59. Great job! Now we need a tall waterproof chore boot (over the calf) for use in deep mud and snow etc!

  60. Hope to win, would exercise with them on

  61. Oh, and you can give them a spray treatment, too. But given the elastic “gore” section, you can only do so much.

  62. Yeah, the Pacifica might become my 4th Xero Shoe!!

  63. LOVE THESE SHOES! Took a long time for me to understand that the foot will do amazing things if not restricted! No more pain, no more sore muscles, LOVE my Xero shoes!

  64. The Vienna is so cute!

  65. I’d love to try the Pacifica because will sounds interesting!

  66. The Pacifica will be perfect for the Swedish automn strolls. Imagine them shoes combined with the automny colours of the leaves <3 Sounds like a true love story!

  67. I like boaty!

  68. SO EXCITED for the Pacifica!

  69. The Boaty looks comfortable…

  70. Pacifica, nice answer to all of us who don’t live in sandle-land 🙂

  71. I am hoping to win either the Vienna because I could wear them to work when the weather becomes colder in Chicago.

  72. Definetly going to be the Pacifica or Boaty!

  73. Liking the Boaty! Can definitely use another casual, minimalist shoe!

  74. Great shoes!

  75. I like that my shoes are wide and flat. Those boots would be nice for the Fall and Winter time. But do I need more footwear …

  76. Love the new styles! The Pacifica in particular looks very stylish and comfortable!

  77. So glad your fall drop includes a boot! yassss!

  78. Are Vienna vegan?

    1. They’re a canvas/rubber shoe so yes they would be 🙂

    2. Yes, they’re 100% vegan-friendly.

      1. Thank you 🙂

  79. Definitely planning on a pair of the Viennas! How does the sizing run? I wear a 6.5 in the women’s Prio, and normally I am a size 6.

  80. I’m so excited about the boots!

  81. Cool new shoes. I wonder if I’ll win. The pacifica look extra cool. Good luck to all who enter to win and God bless

  82. The Vienna boot looks great…. always wanted a pair of boots in this style but minimalist sole makes them so much more desirable!

  83. I use my Daylite Hikers for work. Super comfy!! Would love to try the Pacifica for a casual shoe as well.

  84. These loook very smart Hana – Casual Canvas Comfort,thanks for the chance

  85. The boat shoes are nice enough that even my VERY skeptical husband likes them.

  86. Pacifica looks great, can’t wait!

  87. I like them all – they are awesome!

  88. I love my Hana shoes! Very comfortable.

  89. One of these would be a great first xero “shoe” to add to my sandals

  90. I’d love to have those boots!

  91. I absolutely have to have the Vienna! Can’t wait to see what the color options are.

  92. I have three pair of Xero sandals, Hana shoes, and my favorite Prios. Next up…boots!

  93. This is so exciting! All the shoes look great, I can’t wait!!

  94. I’m going to live in the Vienna this fall!

  95. I have two pairs of shoes already and I’m eagerly waiting for this new line!!!!

  96. I need more shoes! I got my first pair, Prio, a few weeks ago and I absolutely love them!!!

  97. Sign me up! Got my Hana’s and need (want) more!

  98. I got the Hanas and the Prios and I’m looking to get the Boaty and the Pacifica as my future work shoes!

  99. The Viennas look awesome!

  100. I would love to win the Vienna! They look perfect for an Oklahoma fall and spring.

  101. Super excited for the Boaty!!

  102. I can’t wait to try out the Vienna. A cute women’s boot that’s also comfortable. Sign me up!

  103. Style overload!!! So excited!

  104. I want the Pacifica, I love the look. I have the hana, daylite hiker, z trek and z Trail love them all. I’m a personal trainer and wear the Hana to work most days. They are a casual shoe but I workout, run and train clients in them all the time.

  105. Can’t wait!

  106. Those booties are so cute!!!

  107. Just got my new prior xeroshoes in less then the two weeks and they are beautiful!

  108. The Pacifica looks sweet!

  109. Will there be a wide width option for the Vienna?

    1. All our shoes are wider than “normal” but we won’t have another option for the Vienna right away.

  110. Vienna, so cute! perfect fall wear. I would love to add these to my Xero collection

  111. The Boaty looks comfy!

  112. I’m pretty excited about the Vienna

  113. I need a new pair of prio’s. After many miles I have worn a hold into them. But really want the Pacifica for work.
    Keep up the good work at Xero!

  114. I love xero shoes and it’s time for a a new pair. My only pair has been my companion on rough roads for over 2 years and still going! Need closed toes this time!

  115. So awesome! I need those boots! Love all 3 new styles!

  116. Pacifica! Such a nice looking shoe

  117. Pacifica for me please! Need a new pair of casuals

  118. Omg I’ve been waiting for this moment since I first saw the Vienna! I want them so bad!

  119. I like the Pacifica, but I’m also thinking of something to run in. Barefoot running is best and only your shoes give the same mechanical advantage.

  120. I’ve been wearing Xero shoes DIY sandals since 2013. Love ’em! Almost worn through my third pair. Coalton’s are my “work shoes” though even they come off as soon as I leave the office and get replaced with sandals. I also have a couple of hundred miles hiking in on the Daylight Hikers. Pacifica might be a nice casual shoe.

  121. The Vienna looks great for autumn winter. Please could you tell me whether it’s vegan? Also, where are your shoes made, and who by? Many thanks

  122. Started few years ago with a DIY and got struck. Now I have a xero for almost any occasion, but i love the pacifica and Vienna, col weather casual. Cant wait to have them

  123. The Vienna! I love booties. I will wear them on everyday adventures. 🙂

  124. So far I am a huge fan of the newer models and hope to see some tread on the boots soon!

  125. Cant wait

  126. Pacfica looks good but would be nice to see in canvas, not wool. Lems already has a boat shoe. There is no zero drop/minimalist shoe company with a vans/converse style canvas sneaker – with a wide toe box. SOM comes close but looks terrible and is not comfortable. The Xero sole in a canvas sneaker would be IDEAL and I would buy it over and over.

  127. Vienna Vienna Vienna (:

  128. Pacifica is my next target. Will wear it until it wears out / weather allows.
    My first orders, just recently Terraflex (US M13) and an Amuri Z-Trek (US M12) both suit fine on the first try. It’s hot out there and what a relief to the feet wearing a minimalist yet durable pari of sandals!

  129. These look very promising. I really like the looks of the Pacifica

  130. So excited for the bootie!!

  131. very good website and beautiful shoes!

  132. Yay! Love the new Pacifica! I’ve been wondering what I’d wear as a casual shoe for fall, and this looks perfect.

  133. I’m so excited about the new boot! Thank you Xero Shoes for making large women’s sizes, I wear my Lena’s everyday to work!

  134. I’ve been reading and researching zero drop shoes so I’m excited to try these!

  135. I would love if you made winter boots. I live in Minnesota and my feet get really cold.

  136. Boaty McBoat Shoe looks great. I would also love to see a Xero boot for men. Keep up the good work, guys!

  137. Hope y’all have enough!

  138. Vienna is everything I’ve been waiting for since I went minimalist in shoes! Can’t wait to see what colors it comes in!

  139. I’m getting so excited for these new shoes!

  140. Very excited for the Vienna! I’m about to move to Finland and would love a good boot for everyday wear 🙂

  141. These look awesome! I cannot wait to get some!!!!!

  142. Going for 1 milllion entries… time to win,goshdarnit 😉

  143. Hmmm, which to add to the collection. So many choices!

  144. Those Pacifica look great.

  145. Those boots are so beautiful !!!!!

  146. I love all the new shows. Those Pacifica’s! ❤️

  147. Would love to win 🙂

  148. Vienna in Merlot, LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  149. I love the Z-Trail – The Ultimate Trail-Friendly Sandal – Women’s shoes. I would use them at the beach and camping.

  150. The Vienna looks really cute. They’ve got some apple-tree climbing and apple picking in their future if I win them!

  151. Can’t wait for the Vienna to come out! I wear my z-trails daily and I can’t wait for a canvas bootie!

  152. The Pacifica looks cool.

  153. I would truly be happy to win a pair of Pacifica shoes.

  154. I’ve been wanting a pair of Xero shoes for a long time!! I’m loving the look of the Vienna boots!!

  155. I am so stoked about the Vienna style! I’ve been wanting boots from XeroShoes for so long!

  156. I am quite excited about the new canvas boot!
    With it I’m eagerly anticipating the design and release of a waterproof, warm and tough boot. The waterproof Barefoot boot is a very very very small market and the only other option that is apparent is a very expensive option from England with not necessarily very good reviews.

  157. Can’t decide between Pacifica or Vienna!! hmmm…both?

  158. I want to the Pacifica. Finally i can live feet first and feel the world while in the office. No more uncomfortable dress shoes.

  159. I would like to see how comfortable the Boaty is.

  160. Is the Vienna waterproof?

  161. The Vienna looks fab…but I hope the opening is wide enough or stretches for us girls with wider ankles!

    1. disqus_iWMaem2txC important

  162. I like the Vienna shoes….looks like great ankle support for walking.

  163. Nice work Xero Shoes; I can’t wait until you release water-resistant winter boots with some good tread for all the ice and snow some of us will be trudging through soon!

    1. I would second that. I too can’t wait to see water resistant winter boots with the amazing Xero soles.

  164. I hope I win a boaty shoe because they look really comfy and cute!

  165. I’m really digging the Pacifica style!

    My feet would look so good, I probably shouldn’t win.

  166. I really want those boat shoes.

  167. Totally want to try the sandals! The Pacifica look great too

  168. I want booties! Those are amazing.

  169. I would love to try the booties!

  170. The Pacifica! Love it.

  171. The boaty looks so comfortable! Can’t wait to try those!

  172. Boaty McBoats, ha! Can’t wait to try the new styles.

  173. Im so glad your making boots! Along with my custom sandals, these Viennas are definetly my style !

  174. What a great giveaway. I would love some Xero shoes.

  175. This shoes look reallly nice.

  176. The question is…. Which ones do I get?

  177. Pacifica – I like the style. Definitely need a new pair of everyday shoes, probably wear them to the farmer’s market first.

  178. I love my Hana’s! I wear them to work every day! I think the Viennas would be good

  179. They all look so incredibly awesome! Would love a pair of the Vienna shoes for the fall!

  180. I would love a pair! So excited.

  181. Lilking the look of Vienna….but who can resist wearing something called Boaty McBoatshoe ….even if I dont have a boat 😀

  182. The more I look at these the more I want Boaty and Pacifica. The bigger the discount the more likely the 2-shoe purchase!

  183. Hope to win the boaty – so comfy!

  184. Better stock up on the Vienna!

  185. Better stock up on the Vienna, for that one will prove very popular!

  186. That Pacifica looks like great for winter with the wool blend!

  187. All 3 are great. The Vienna would look great with black slacks!

  188. Vienna for the win! Come to mama for all the fall adventures!

  189. I’ve been excited about those Vienna boots since you sent out the announcement. I can’t wait to make them my go-to shoes this winter.

  190. The Vienna boots would truly be the perfect prize for me.

  191. Pacifica looks mighty comfy.

  192. I really can’t wait! I want to try Xero Shoes, Vegan Nomad Chick loves them and I think it will be a good fit for me!

  193. I like the Vienna boots. They look comfortable and stylish.

  194. Looks great but would like a couple more styles eventually

  195. Pacifica is my second choice! I would take these on our (hopeful) Scotland trip!!

  196. Looking forward to seeing all the color options.

  197. I can’t wait to get a pair of Viennas!! I just got my Z-trails in the mail today (my first pair of xero shoes!!) and I am so happy they’re releasing their new line so soon <3

  198. Moar discounts…..

    Did I win yet? 😉

  199. Glad you have an option in your store to support the Tarahumara Children’s Hospital.

  200. I would love any of these great shoes but would especially love the boaty!

  201. Love.xero.

  202. Would love to try Pacifica or Vienna!

  203. The Boaty! Looks great!

  204. The new boots look great!

  205. I’d like to win the Boaty shoe because they’re stylish! I’d wear them to work as well as just walking outside.

  206. Would love to win the Pacifica for a wonderfully comfortable and functional everyday wear shoe.

  207. Looks like some more great stuff coming!

  208. Love the boaty mcBoat! That Pacifica is sweet too. Once again, great job

  209. I love the Vienna!

  210. I’m so excited for the greater variety, I’ve been looking for a shoe like the “Vienna” in a barefoot style for awhile.

  211. Anyone else think the mcboaty name is silly?

  212. So many new options – how does one choose?! Well done!

  213. Yeah, Boaty doesn’t need mcboaty

  214. Vienna! Finally! This thing is right up my mom-on-the-go alley!

  215. I’m excited to try the Vienna 🙂

  216. I’d love to win the

    Coalton for my husband

  217. Great looking shoes

  218. Oooo I like them all!

  219. Great shoes. I would love to win a pair.

  220. Xero’s are the best. I want to let you know about durability claims. My first Z-Treks were purchased about 6 years ago. I looked into my personal accounts not the newer Xero accounts. From what I can figure… I have at least 6K miles on these puppies and they are near dead. The 6K was from running not to include walking!!! Fabulous! The replacements need break in. My biggest issue is the Mortons neuroma on my right foot. The originals were great the replacements with different webbing are different. I have watched the on line adjustments and that helps a little. I added the body glide to the right foot but that was as struggle. Am working on adding a pad to the front forward toe to the cross strap to sandal to move the front right toe to ease the 6 mile irritation issue. These shoes rock but the original, to the newest version don’t have the same strap material and the sizing is a bit different. Stephen’s video to adjust is super. Just don’t have the neuroma. As a 72 year old runner…. keep trying and runner. Glide worked well and adjusting during run based on Stephen’s suggest hints were perfect. Barefoot forever!! Get’s rid of so many issues for an aging runner~!!

  221. boaty; like them

  222. I’m totally getting my wife the Viennas.

  223. So excited for the Viennas! They’ll be my first pair of Xeros. My son has Prios and Z-treks, and they’ve held up well for him, which is saying something as he’s 14 and hard on shoes. The Z-treks are on their second summer and still going strong!

  224. I like the Pacificas!

  225. I love the look of the Viennas, but the Pacifica is very cute too and would match with most of my clothes.

  226. I’d love to win a pair of blue Pacificas. They have a skate-shoe/casual look to them, and I’ve been looking around for some in that style these days already. It’d be great to have them as Xeros! 🙂

  227. I’d love to win a pair of the navy Pacificas. They have a nice casual/skate shoe look, and I love the white Xero has put into it’s sole this time around. I’ve been searching for a pair of new skate-style shoes, and I’d love for them to be Xeros this time! 🙂

  228. Like to win the Boaty like the look

  229. I would absolutely love to win the Viennas, they are so cute. I also really like the Pacifica!
    I love my Prios, z-trails, and genesis sandal. I can’t wait to expand my collection.

  230. I have small feet. 5.5 or 6 Hope these will fit me~

  231. Great giveaway

  232. I have several pair of Xero shoes. Wear a pair everyday!! I love them!

  233. Vienna! Come to mama 🙂

  234. The boaty is a nice looking shoe.

  235. Now I can’t decide between the Boaty and Vienna!!!

  236. wow! love the new Chelsea boot, glad you added this style.

  237. The Boaty looks great

  238. Definitely buying the boaty

  239. Great Giveaway. Thank You.

  240. So excited to try the boots!!!

  241. Pick me! Love them! 🙂

  242. Boatys

  243. The boaty look great and I would be happy to win them. I would use them to take long walks in the park.

  244. Hoorah for a giveaway!

  245. Pacifica looks cool!

  246. One more day!

  247. You guys are amazing! I was honestly just wishing and wondering if you would create a fall boot that I could wear to the office and Vienna nails it! Fingers crossed that maybe I will win a pair. 🙂

  248. The Viena would be so wonderful!!! I love how stylish yet comfortable looking it is.

  249. SO excited about the Pacifica!

  250. Can’t Wait to get myself a pair of those Boatys

  251. One more day!!! Yayyyyy

  252. Super excited about the fall line!!

  253. Love them all!! The boat shoes are really cute!

  254. Y’all just keep coming out with awesome stuff. I may need a pair of those boat shoes. And the boots.

  255. I definitely want the Veinna, they will be my #1 go to shoe for the fall!!

  256. These are awesome shoes. You won’t regret buying a pair, or two, or three.

  257. All in for boaty

  258. Great giveaway

  259. I’m so excited!

  260. The Boaty’s look great

  261. Pacifica looks cool. More images wouldn’t hurt!

  262. I’m all about boots!

  263. Woohoo! Excited to order a set this fall…but free would be even better! I love sharing my Xeros and just realized you have affiliate links. Let the good times roll. =)

  264. Excited to see more and more! Sport shoes are one thing, but once you’re not running or anything, it’s nice to be able to take those shoes off, and put on an equally comfortable and now stylish pair of shoes. I’m interested to see more about the vienna, I do love boots, but my only ones have heels and a thick sole, which I can’t stand anymore!

  265. Can’t wait to see more of these shoes, and hopefully to get the Viennas. My dressy boots still have slight heels even though I’ve always strayed away from heels, so now I can finally have some nice boots that I don’t have to regret the pain and awkward walking hahaha. I’m glad there’s a ton more casual/dress shoes, as soo many time I just see sports, sports, sports for minimalist stuff.

  266. Boaty’s

  267. I really love the Pacifica shoes!

  268. I like them all, but I think I like the Boaty the best. I could go walking every day in these.

  269. The Vienna is so cute, I really hope I win!

  270. I have been looking for a barefoot Chealse boot for ages!!! So excited for this boot! Thanks Steve and Lena looks you two did again!

  271. I’m falling for xero shoes!!!

  272. The Pacifica is too cool. Can’t wait to get ahold of these!

  273. looking forward to my first pair!!!

  274. Can’t wait for Dutch stores to stock the full range of Xeros!

  275. I’d love to win the Boaty for my husband!

  276. Can’t wait!

  277. I am looking for comfort and I think Xero shoes are the best.

  278. Great giveaway

  279. Oh my gosh—I’ve been waiting and waiting for Xero to release new styles and I’m SO STOKED!!!!

  280. Can’t wait to try out both the Boaty and the Pacifica. Eventually I’ll get the Vienna but I think the other two are my top priority. So excited!

  281. These shoes are awesome!

  282. Yes to the Boaty’s!

  283. Are people buying these already? Thought the sale/release was tomorrow the 16th? Don’t want to miss out…!

  284. Can’t wait to buy these!

  285. Such a great giveaway!!!

  286. So excited about the Grey Pacifica! <3

  287. Love the Vienna, can’t wait to try it on!

  288. I would love to win the Vienna to have a barefoot style winter shoe!

  289. Of course, I want them all! So excited for these new options!

  290. I have 2 of the Lena shoes. The boaty is a classic I’d like to try.

  291. I have 2 Lena shoes. The Boaty is a classic. Would like to try it.

  292. I’m excited about the Vienna and would love to see more boot styles for winter and maybe some ballet-style flats for the rest of the year!

    1. Oh yeah, ballet flats would be great!

  293. Exciting!!

  294. Love the Pacifica!! Thanks for such great quality and stylish shoes.

  295. The Pacifica looks so comfy!

  296. Xero Shoes never disappoint!!!!!

  297. Xero Shoes never disappoint!

  298. The Boaty’s look comfy!

  299. I really like the Vienna style.

  300. Great giveaway

  301. I really hope I win!

  302. The Boaty! Yah!

  303. Pacifica; nice

  304. Still excited about the Vienna, hope to win!

  305. Pacifica, I love wool!

  306. Really hoping for a Boaty or a Vienna. Xero Shoes are my FAVORITE shoes! Love the wide toe boxes and the ability to feel the ground as I move about!!

  307. I really love the look of the Vienna!

  308. I like the Pacifica men’s shoe in blue Rosanne

  309. Love the Vienna!

  310. Can’t wait to get reimbursed for my order!

  311. Thank you for the opportunity to win a pair!

  312. Great giveaway

  313. This is awesome!

  314. I just had to go ahead and buy the Boaty! I’d love to win the Pacifica or the Vienna, though I want the Pacifica more. It’s such a gorgeous shoe and I can see myself wearing it fire-side on my annual camping trip in late October…right around the time of year when you want a nice and cozy wool shoe!

  315. The Pacifica would probably be the better choice for me, although I do like the Boaty as well. They just look comfortable for general wear.

  316. The Boaty is great!

  317. Pacifica, nice

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    In all seriousness though, I just sold my house and moved into an RV to travel with my wife before our kids are old enough to go to school. Pretty sure I’ll have some Pacifica’s glued to my feet here soon.

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