How we’re addressing Covid-19

UPDATED 11/9/2021

Yeah, we wish we didn’t have to talk about this still either. But here we are.

A lot has changed since we released our first statement on COVID-19. We all know more about the virus (Remember when you weren’t sure if you should bleach your mail? That was fun.) But some things have stayed the same, like that we’re still doing our best to keep our Xero Family safe.

With that said, let’s cover the basics.

Regarding Shipping: We’re observing all recommended safety protocols at our warehouse, and are still typically getting orders out the door within 1-2 business days of receipt (except during sales and holidays, when it may take a little longer). Check out our shipping page here for more information.

Support: While our Broomfield location is closed to the public, many of us are back in the office. We’re keeping pace with local ordinances in terms of office capacity, social distancing, and masking, which means we have moved to a partially hybrid solution. Although this change has had minimal impact, we may still have small delays here and there when we try to get back to you via email or phone, and we appreciate the patience you’ve shown during this. Companies all over the world are still working out this whole “hybrid work environment” thing, and we’re grateful for your understanding as we too continue to figure that out.

We hope we can keep helping you out during this by sharing our best ways to stay active and safe, sharing ways to de-stress, and posting about what the Xero Shoe fans of the world are doing. If you have any tips to share, comment below or tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

As we’ve said before: we’re not doctors or medical experts, and we can’t and won’t give you medical advice. We simply believe in the benefits and comfort of natural movement and want to share that with people around the world.

We’ve been fortunate to have a safety net of positivity among our community of hikers, runners, yogis, slackliners, weightlifters, golfers, jump ropers, and adventurers, and we can’t thank you enough for keeping that alive during this.

Sending virtual hugs and high-fives to our Xero community, wishing you all the best, and knowing that during this time you’ll continue to Live Life Feet First!

Lena Phoenix and Steven Sashen from Xero Shoes Barefoot Sandals
–Steven and Lena