Xero Shoes Accessories

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  • Extra Laces


    Get an extra pair of laces in one of 22 colors

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  • Lock Laces – Elastic Shoelaces


    Give Your Xero Shoes a Slip-On Experience

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  • Amuri Hardware Kit – Complete


    Like the lacing system in our Amuri barefoot sandals?

    Add the Amuri Lacing System to your DIY Xero Shoes for only $6.99.

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  • Amuri Hardware – Heel Straps and Lace Ends


    Want to lace your DIY Xero Shoes kit like our Amuri Cloud and Venture.

    These Heel Straps and Lace Ends will get you started.

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  • Amuri Hardware Heel Straps


    Add some extra comfort to your DIY Xero Shoes heel strap, or retrofit your older Cloud and Venture with this new heel strap tensioner.

    Only $3.99/pair.

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  • Amuri Hardware Toe Loop


    Want to replace your DIY “knot” with the Cloud and Venture Toe Loops?

    Grab a pair here. Only $1.99/pair.

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  • Shoe Goo


    Add an extra layer of protection to your laces with Shoe Goo.

    (Only available in the US)

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  • Hole Punch


    Our hollow punches come FREE with every DIY Kit and Custom-Made pair of Xero Shoes (you don't need it for the Custom-made shoes, but we include it just in case).

    But if you want to order one for any reason… here you go.

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Showing all 8 results