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8 Running Recovery Tips to Improve Your Performance

Becoming a better runner isn’t just about running. Runners constantly push themselves, chasing after their next personal best – but when post-run soreness lingers, it can derail your training. If you’re constantly feeling fatigued or sore after you run, it may be time to evaluate your recovery routine. When it comes to training as a […]

Best Xero Shoes Workout Shoes, According to Top Media

Media are constantly looking for the best workout shoes and spend months testing in the gym, at Boot Camp, and at CrossFit. Xero Shoes’ workout shoes like the Prio Neo, Forza Trainer and Prio provide natural comfort for maximum performance, while feeling lightweight and breathable. Check out the list below of media’s top-rated, best Xero […]

Top Recommended Hikes and Hiking Shoes

We asked our team, “What’s the best hike you’ve ever done?” You’ll want to add these to your bucket list! Crater Lakes – Rollinsville, CO Three gorgeous alpine lakes make this hike worth every step. The 6.8 mile trail is great for hikes with the pups. Read more about the hike on AllTrails. Recommended Shoes: […]

5 Essentials to Pack for Your Next Adventure Travel Trip

There’s travel. And then there’s adventure travel. Adventure travel means different things to different people. It can mean a long backpacking trip through the Peruvian Andes. It can mean spending a month riding the longest rail line in the world. It can mean scrambling up a mountain side. Whether you’re bagging peaks, tackling every zip […]

Best Xero Shoes Sandals, According to Top Media

Media are constantly looking for the best sandals and spend months testing different types of sandals for hiking, walking, wearing casually and travel. Media rave about Xero Shoes’ sandals, citing the lightweight, barefoot-inspired design and versatility as two of the key differentiators. Check out the list below of media’s top-rated, best Xero Shoes sandals. Genesis […]

Xero Shoes Debuts Basketball Shoe Partnership with Denver Nuggets Shooting Guard Justin Holiday

Denver, CO (May 14, 2024)—Xero Shoes announced its first NBA athlete partnership with Denver Nuggets shooting guard Justin Holiday, who will wear a custom-designed barefoot/minimalist basketball shoe during Tuesday’s Nuggets versus Minnesota Timberwolves NBA Playoffs game.  “After years of working out off-court barefooted, I felt the first-hand benefits of allowing my feet to move in […]

Foot Recovery Tips from a Functional Podiatrist

Our feet carry us through life, supporting our weight and keeping us on the move. They carry us through our day to day, but we often don’t appreciate them until they start to ache or become injured. Research suggests that up to 87% of people will experience foot pain at some point in their lives. […]

A Podiatrist Explains How Shoes Impact Your Foot Health

  Massachusetts-based podiatrist Dr. Alissa Kuizinas (and Xero Shoes Partner) has more than a medical perspective on footwear. She struggled with foot discomfort for years. With each step she took, her big toe would jam against the inside of her shoes – “even with my ‘good shoes’ on,” she recalls. The $133 billion shoe industry […]

Media Name Xero Shoes Aqua X Sport as the Best Water Shoes

When you’re shopping for water shoes, you want a pair that’s lightweight, durable, easy-to-drain and quick-drying. Xero Shoes Aqua X Sport is regularly reviewed by outdoor experts at media outlets as one of the best water shoes on the market. Why? It’s Quick Drying – Water pours out of the open-mesh design It’s Easy to […]


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Warranty Info

When people ask, “How long will my Xero Shoes last?” we say, “We don’t know, but it’s going to be a long, long time!”

That’s why we offer this 5,000 mile sole warranty.

If you wear your FeelTrue® outsoles (or FeelTrue® section of Z-Trail) down to less than 1mm thick at the ball or heel of the foot (not an edge), we’ll replace them with the same product for the following price:

60% off MSRP (full, non-sale, listed, retail price) for the product, plus shipping.

We also offer a 24 Month Manufacturing Warranty, which covers defects and flaws that may happen in the first two years. We will offer a free replacement for orders that qualify.

If you have a manufacturing concern, please email our Customer Service team at [email protected] and include a photo of the issue with your current shipping address. For closed toed shoes, please include another photo with the tongue tag.