Xero Shoes Partners with Dignity Restoring Hope

There’s nothing worse than leaving your beloved home in pure fright. Through the Dignity Restoring Hope foundation, we were able to connect with Iryna and her young family of Ukrainian refugees. Introduce yourself, what is your name and how old are you? “My name is Iryna and I’m 30 years old.” Where are you from? […]

Family of 7 Hikes the CDT in Xero Shoes

Imagine this: hiking the Continental Divide Trail which is over 3100 miles with FIVE KIDS and a newborn baby! The Netteburg Family is making their way along the CDT, and we are lucky enough to sponsor them in Xero Shoes the entire way. In 2020, the Netteburg Family trekked the Appalachian Trail and their daughter, trail […]

BOSU Ball creator’s favorite Xero Shoe?

David Weck, developed the BOSU ball and is all about helping people maximize their health and performance. What shoe does David, and his team at weckmethod.com wear? Check out the video, below, for the answer to that question plus his great (and FAST) advice on how to make the transition from a “normal” shoe to […]

Minimalist and Barefoot Shoes – a scientific overview

When I talk about natural movement and the footwear that does, or doesn’t, support it, I’m often asked “Where’s your proof?” In fact, if you look at the comments on many of the videos I’ve made that show how padded, stiff, thick, motion-control, elevated heel shoes with pointy toe boxes don’t allow the foot to […]

Ancient Sandal Found in Norway Better than Modern Hiking Boots?

Is modern footwear, with all the “technological advances,” better than ancient footwear? We like to think so, but what does the EVIDENCE say? Recently, a 1,500 year old sandal was found during an archeological exploration in Norway. There’s a great article about it here. I have a comment about it (what a shock 😉 ) […]

Xero Shoes Oswego On SALE at REI.com

Women’s Oswego – Available ON SALE at REI and REI.com

While we update the Oswego for next season, we’re out of stock at XeroShoes.com BUT you can find the Women’s Oswego at some REI stores and REI.com… And they’re ON SALE at 25% off! So head over to https://www.rei.com/product/177358/xero-shoes-oswego-shoes-womens to pick up a pair. Because they only have a limited number of pairs left, if […]

New Research – Minimalist Shoes Improves Balance and Strength in Kids

I’ve said this before, and I’m going to say it again. It seems silly that in the natural movement and minimalist footwear world we need to prove something as obvious as “use it or lose it.” Using your feet means letting them bend, flex, move and feel. “Losing” them means not letting them do those […]

The evolution of human feet and how to have strong feet – BBC podcast

The BBC’s Made of Stronger Stuff podcast just dropped an episode called “Feet.” Overall… GREAT. It starts with the simplest idea, the arch in your foot is there to support your body. Spot on! Well, there are actually 3 arches in your foot, but they’re referring to the one we normally think of – the […]