People all around the world, and for much of human history have used “barefoot sandals” for almost any activity:

  • Walking — casually, around town, or on trails
  • Hiking / Camping — or as a camp shoe
  • Running — even long distances, like ultra marathons
  • Active Recovery — from when you ran in something other than sandals
  • Travel — because they’re so lightweight and packable
  • Beach, spa, or gym use
  • Yoga — it’s like having a yoga mat under your feet at all times

While “barefoot” and “sandals” sound mutually exclusive — you’re either barefoot or you’re not — the term is used for minimalist sandals that let your feet bend, flex, and move as if you were in bare feet, plus give you a layer of protection, and are lightweight.

You can find ready-to-wear styles with both thong and “sport” webbing, or do-it-yourself “DIY” sandal making kits.

Here are the best-selling sandals that will help you Live Life Feet First:

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