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  • Marek Veselý

    Hi, can you tell me the date of dellivery please.

  • chadoh

    I’ve been wearing my Amuri Z-Trek’s every day since it got warm out this summer, both for running and otherwise. Yesterday, 1 August, they broke! This breaking did not take long. :-( Specifically what broke: The loop-part of the sole that holds the strap, on the right back side of the right foot (the outer heel loop).

  • Mike Stokes

    Hello. I’m having a terrible time trying to transition to Xero barefoot sandals. I started with Amuri Cloud. I loved everything about them except the toe post placement. I figured my feet must be odd so ordered a custom made set. The same problem with the new ones which is bad pain at the base of the toe post and now a massive blister. I just order the Z-Trek with hopes that the straps are a better option for my feet. I’m on my 3rd set now within a month. I’m committed to Xero barefoot sandal running but this is painful and getting expensive. Please share if you have advice to help me transition better. Thank you

  • Barefoot Bart

    I just got a pair of the Xero Amuri Cloud Sandals and took them out for a run. I have a trail I love but the ground is gravelly enough that it makes it uncomfortable to run it barefoot. I typically run it in my Five Fingers. I figured this was a perfect place for the Xeros and I was right.

    The trail has gravel along the entire trail which makes it uncomfortable to run barefoot. There are a couple places where the gravel turns into small rocks but those areas are short. the Xeros did feel just like running barefoot but without that uncomfortable underfoot feel. They had just enough cushioning to smooth out the ground. The small rocks were still uncomfortable but did not hurt. I worked on the adjustment a few times while running. I imagine it takes a while for the initial stretch and wear in of the sandals.

    I have a high instep and found that about every 3 miles I would have to pull the slide point up on my foot. I would get sand and gravel under my foot but the Cloud padding helped soak up the feel of those and then all it would take is a shake of the sandals and they would fall out. While it is more difficult for gravel to get into my Five Fingers, when it does get in I would then have to take them off to get the gravel out.

    I did run off the trail a little to see how they worked in rougher conditions. The Xeros work great running in a straight line but when you have to start moving back and forth to avoid rocks or get on uneven surfaces they move around too much on your foot. Five Fingers or Maybe Xero Z-Treks would be better for this. I caught the toe of the shoe a couple times and thought at first that the sandals were too flexible but then I realized that what it was telling me was that I wasn’t running properly. When running barefoot your foot should be moving in an up and down motion and by catching my Xero’s toe told me I needed to pay attention to my form.

    So in summary, these do feel like I’m running barefoot but with some impact protection. Perfect for gravelly roads. These are going to be the sandals I take with me on barefoot runs where I may run into rough conditions and want to put something on. These are going to be in my backpack when I run my half and full marathons this summer!

    Barefoot Bart – organizer of the Barefoot Running Group in Denver

  • Ydavis

    I just received my first pair of Xero sandals in the mail. I ordered 2 DIY kits. One for my 10 yr old daughter and one for myself. We both love them.

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Al Kavadlo

“Xero Shoes are the closest thing to actual barefoot running. Putting them on made me feel like a Native American warrior! They're great for my strength training workouts as well as running"

Al Kavadlo


“The shoes basically fade away, and you feel like you’re barefoot all the time. I’ve put hundreds of miles on them, both walking and running, and have never wished for another shoe."



“There is nothing I enjoy more than putting on my Xero Shoes and running on trails. My feet have gotten much stronger. And the other day I actually snuck up on a deer!"


Tracy Jones

“These are pretty much the only shoes I wear now. Within a week of putting them on, my plantar fasciitis completely disappeared. I did some arch stretches during this time, but that’s all it took."

Tracy Jones


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