Men’s Barefoot Shoes

Welcome to Xero Shoes… get ready to FEEL what you’ve been missing: NATURAL comfort, performance, and health.

Barefoot Shoes” give men like you the natural, free, fun feeling of being in bare feet — letting your toes spread and your feet bend and move and flex — while letting you safely FEEL the world beneath you.

When you wear Xero Shoes all those sensors in your soles give your brain the feedback it needs to help your body move better, efficiently, and, most importantly, enjoyably.

Slip on a pair of Xero Shoes and Live Life Feet First!

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Showing all 45 results

Showing all 45 results

Slip into Xero Shoes and FEEL the strength, balance, and power that come from wearing barefoot shoes. Choose from performance products for whatever you do — working out, road running, trail running, yoga, weight lifting, cross-training, and much more. Or, try casual shoes for all-day wear, including slip-resistant shoes for healthcare and service workers, and evenings out with friends and loved ones. 

You’ll love the feeling of Xero Shoes’ wider, foot-shaped toe boxes; thin soles for balance, agility, and mobility; zero-drop (non-elevated) heels for proper posture… and barefoot shoes that are so lightweight, you might forget to take them off at the end of the day.

Plus, Xero Shoes are durable. All our styles are backed with our 5,000 mile sole warranty

Questions About Men's Barefoot Shoes

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