Minimalist Running and Riding – the Xero Biathlon

Want to run a race, but there isn’t one scheduled? Want to tackle a biathlon (running and bike riding), but there isn’t one in your neighborhood? Want to run barefoot or in minimalist shoes, but tired of people yelling, “You can’t do that!” at you? Getting too cold for racing in barefoot-style sandals? Well, Frank […]

How to Adjust the Xero Shoes Sandals for a Perfect Fit

To get a just-right fit for your sandals, follow the instructions below. And if you need more help, feel free to reach out to our Customer Happiness Team at 303.447.3100 or [email protected] For all of our sandals, you want to aim for “snug but comfortable.” Z-Trek, Z-Trail and Naboso sport sandals Aqua Cloud and Genesis […]

Pat's Xero Loop Barefoot Sandal tying style

Barefoot Pat’s Xero Loop Variation

Pat made a tweak to the Xero Loop style that you may like. His video is in French (with a couple of English words tossed in, like “slip on” 😉 ) First, a few tying tips and notes: Tying the Lace knot: This is the knot we most commonly use, especially with our 100% polyester […]

Al Kavadlo working out in Xero Shoes

Fitness Guru Al Kavadlo chats with Xero Shoes

I met (online) Al Kavadlo over 3 years ago and was really impressed with what he was teaching and how well he practiced what he preached. Al has been a big fan of Xero Shoes, sending us photos of him running through the streets of New York, across the Brooklyn Bridge, and performing all manner […]

Barefoot running on Youtube – A webinar with Jon and Mel

Think you can’t run an ultra-marathon? Well, think again. Maybe your limitations aren’t what you imagine them to be. I just had a great chat with ultra-runners, Jonathan Sinclair and Melissa Gosse that I know you’ll love, whether you ever plan to run an ultra or not. Watch the webinar and you’ll learn: Do you […]

Get Xero Shoes for free (better than a coupon ;-) )

Even though Xero Shoes cost MUCH less than any similar product, especially with our 5,000 mile sole warranty, I know that for some people the price of Xero Shoes is more than they have. Well, here’s a way you can get a pair for free 😉 Let us know how you do with this “magical […]

Men's Health Barefoot Running Stumbles

Men’s Health Barefoot Running Article … more of the same

The recent “Special Report” in Men’s Health about barefoot running has inspired me to help you make a career change. You, too, can write an article about barefoot running that will appear in a major newpaper, magazine, or television show, if you do the following. Ten Steps to writing a popular barefoot running article Open with […]

Become your own barefoot running coach

I had an intense sprinting workout 2 days ago, followed by an even more intense weight lifting workout and this morning I can barely walk. Even more, I did a minor tweak of something in my ankle which I’m noticing as I walk on my treadmill (I have a treadmill desk). As I’m walking, I […]

Ande's Barefoot Sandal Tying Style #1

Ande’s Blinged out Tying #1

Ande has a fun, funky no-toe, no-thong tying style. (Actually, she has two, and this is the first). Note the added bling with beads

Uber-Ultra Minimal to the Max

Okay, it doesn’t get more minimal than this (hence the name). Arguably, this is even more minimalist than the Ultra-Minimalist Hitch since there’s no knot. Our first customer service manager, Bill Babcock, came up with this idea, and he uses it for running 100+ miles/week. To make this style, you’ll need 2 “Crow Beads” (available […]