A new huarache sandal tying style

Foot tattoos and barefoot sandals

On Facebook, Sarah asked: I’m getting the tops of my feet tattooed and need to find a way to tie them so that none of the laces touch the top of my feet! My big toe too! I figure a loop over my 2nd and 3rd toe….but anyone have tying suggestions for the heel? I […]

Will Barefoot Running Hurt You?

Will Vibram Five Fingers or Running Barefoot Injure You?

From the “Here we go again” department of the barefoot running world: About once every 2 months, some major news publication chimes in with one of these two stories:  “Barefoot Running is GREAT for you” or “Barefoot running is BAD for you.” The latest is of the latter variety and comes with headlines like this […]

Barefoot Sandals Shamrock Style

Happy, and barefoot, St. Patrick’s day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Xero Shoes! I don’t know about you, but I’d love to find this barefoot sandal 4-leaf clover in my garden. I’m sure it would make you lucky if you found it;-) Since moving to Boulder, CO almost 20 years ago, I love St. Patrick’s day, not just because of the […]

Barefoot Running is Bad For You!

Ever since Chris McDoguall’s book, Born to Run, became popular (interestingly, long after it came out), the debate about barefoot running has become heated. There was no big argument when Zola Budd ran barefoot, or when Abebe Bikila won the marathon without shoes, or when Ron Hill competed in the Mexico City Olympics in “the […]

Xero Shoes Barefoot Sandals On Shark Tank

In 2013, Lena and I had the honor and pleasure of appearing on the ABC hit reality-business show, Shark Tank on ABC… and on October 1st we appeared on CNBC, who syndicated the show. Over 30,000 applied to be on the show and we were on pins and needles for months, waiting to see if […]

Xero Shoes Barefoot Running Sandals on Shark Tank

We were on Shark Tank!

Did you see us on ABC’s Shark Tank? (if not, click here) Want to try a pair of Xero Shoes • Original Barefootware and have the fun and benefits of being barefoot… plus: The protection you want A perfect fit (you can trim them to size if you like) Style that expresses your personality (with […]

Tie huaraches running sandals - Dan Mozell's way

Dan Mozell’s Alternate Tarahumara Huarache Tying Style

Dan Mozell came up with a good alternative to the traditional Tarahumara huarache running sandal tying style. First, a few tying tips and notes: Tying the Lace knot: This is the knot we most commonly use, especially with our 100% polyester laces. The “Lace Bead”: This is the smallest “knot” you can make for your […]

Tie huarache running sandals Amanda's way

Amanda’s Chaco Style Running Sandal Tying

Amanda has a clever Chaco sandal-inspired tying style First, a tying tip: Lacing tips: Amanda’s Chaco-Inspired Tying Style This video makes a reference to our old name, Invisible Shoes. Also, you can do the same lacing style, but “rotate” it so the knot ends up behind your heel! And since there’s exposed lace under your […]

Raymond's Thong Barefoot Running Sandal tying style

Raymond’s Double-Thong Running Sandal Tying Method

Raymond Mack developed this nice thong style Once you get the tension just right, you slip ’em on and off in a second. People use this tying style for everything from walking to running marathons. First, a tying tip: Lacing tips: Raymond’s Double-Thong Tying Style Since there’s exposed lace under your foot, I recommend coating […]