How to pick the best barefoot running sandals?

Like the idea of barefoot running, but want a bit of protection from what you could step on, or IN? For thousands of years, humans have run in sandals, and you can, too. Perhaps the most famous sandal-wearing runners are the Tarahumara Indians of the Copper Canyon in Mexico. They were the stars of the […]

Is there a Xero Shoes conspiracy?

Some people think that our mission at Xero Shoes is to rid the world of all other sandals, flip flops, and running shoes and replace them with our lightweight performance recreation footwear. Well, Joel Ellis has stumbled onto something about our true plans that’s far more sinister, infinitely more insidious, and perhaps even bordering on […]

Watch GOSHEN for FREE here

The filmmakers of GOSHEN, an award winning documentary highlighting the benefits of the Tarahumara running tribe’s “barefoot sandals” are offering FREE VIEWING of the full film for two days only — Saturday and Sunday, October 10-11. Watch GOSHEN here, or rent it for free for Saturday/Sunday by going to and use the coupon code […]

Sandals for Barefoot Running? KWGN Investigates.

Vicky Evans from KWGN came out to our new office to check out Xero Shoes. What did she think? Watch the video and find out… While Vicky emphasized barefoot running, people enjoy Xero Shoes for, well, anything you can imagine doing in a sandal… and things you would NEVER do in a flip flop: A […]

Lena’s Birthday Special Sale!

Happy Birthday to Lena Phoenix, Xero Shoes’ co-founder, COO and, my favorite part, my wife! We hope you join our birthday celebration with any of these 3 bits of WAY cool news! SAVE almost 40% on the Venture Camo and Ocean Camo!

How do Xero Shoes compare to Barefoot Ted’s Luna Sandals?

You may have read about “Barefoot Ted” in Chris McDougall’s book Born To Run, the book that really kickstarted the whole barefoot running boom back in 2009-2010. Or you may just be searching for running sandals and find Ted’s company, Luna Sandals, as well as Xero Shoes and you want to know the differences. Well, […]

Xero Shoes Barefoot Sandals on Rakuten

Xero Shoes Barefoot Sandals now available through Rakuten

Our goal with Xero Shoes is to give as many people as possible the fun and benefits of natural, barefoot movement (with some just-right protection and a dash of authentic style). To do that, we want to make Xero Shoes available wherever people are shopping. Since people are looking for barefoot running shoes on many […]

Barefoot Sandals for slacklining

Barefoot Sandals are for more than running

The two most popular comments I hear from people seeing Xero Shoes barefoot sandals for the first time are: “You can’t really run in those, can you?” and “I’m not a runner so I can’t use those.” Make up your mind people! 😉 So, some people equate barefoot-inspired sandals with running, and others can’t fathom […]

Minimalist Running and Riding – the Xero Biathlon

Want to run a race, but there isn’t one scheduled? Want to tackle a biathlon (running and bike riding), but there isn’t one in your neighborhood? Want to run barefoot or in minimalist shoes, but tired of people yelling, “You can’t do that!” at you? Getting too cold for racing in barefoot-style sandals? Well, Frank […]