How to Make Huaraches

Ever since the publication of Christopher McDougall’s book, Born to Run, there has been an increased interest in the simple sandals worn by the Tarahumara, which he describes in his story. Called “huaraches,” the footwear of the Tarahumara are basic sandals created from the rubber tread of old tires and a bit of leather cord. […]

Huarache Running Sandals of the Tarahumara – Kits and Custom huaraches

Okay, so the big question is, “WHY use huarache, the Tarahumara running sandals?” The answer is pretty obvious, but there are some important-yet-surprising pieces to the puzzle. The obvious answer about huarache is: It’s the closest thing there is to barefoot running, without some of the hazards of barefoot running. Namely, you’re adding a layer […]

How do Xero Shoes compare to Barefoot Ted’s Luna Sandals?

You may have read about “Barefoot Ted” in Chris McDougall’s book Born To Run, the book that really kickstarted the whole barefoot running boom back in 2009-2010. Or you may just be searching for running sandals and find Ted’s company, Luna Sandals, as well as Xero Shoes and you want to know the differences. Well, […]

Can you run long distance in sandals? You bet!

There’s nothing I find funnier than when I’m running in my Xero Shoes sandals and someone asks, “Can you run in those?” Uh… you’re WATCHING me run in them! Well, when I tell non-runners that some people run 100k ultramarathons in huaraches, they’re incredulous. Now I don’t need to explain anything, I can just show […]

Merry Christmas and Huarache Holidays!

Everyone here at Xero Shoes wishes you a very happy holiday season, Merry Christmas (for those of you who celebrate it), and an exceptionally happy New Year!

Running with the Tarahumara in Costa Rica

Want to run with the Tarahumara (the Mexican tribe featured in Chris McDougall’s bestseller, Born to Run)? Well, if you can’t make it to the Copper Canyon, or anywhere else for that matter, here’s the next best thing. Ultra runners Jonathan Sinclair and Melissa Gosse went to Costa Rica for La Ruta 100k, arguably the […]

Xero Shoes go to Costa Rica for La Ruta Run

Jonathan Sinclair and Melissa Gosse left the cold weather in Edmonton, Alberta and jetted to Costa Rica for the La Ruta Run, perhaps the hardest ultramarathon in the world. We’ll have a full report about their trip and the race in about 48 hours. But until then, I wanted to share this quick story they […]

Xero Shoes Barefoot Sandals in COLOR!

Houston, we have color! I am extremely happy and proud to announce that you can now get Xero Shoes in 4 WAY COOL colors. And to celebrate, you can also save 20% if you order by October 2nd! In addition to our Coal Black, you can now get Mocha Earth, Electric Mint, Boulder Sky, and […]

4 Reasons NOT to Run Barefoot

[This post is guest-authored by our friend Rob Raux from] Being barefoot and running barefoot is a blissful and consciousness-expanding endeavor. The feedback supplied from the ground is powerful enough to force even experienced runners to try it for only a mile or so, if they make it that far. Barefoot running, however wonderful, […]