Steven Sashen on the 2x Ecommerce Podcast

Check out these two podcasts about How Xero Shoes’ CEO and Co-Founder, Steven Sashen, is Leading the Barefoot Movement with a Digital-Native Minimalist Footwear Brand Part 1 Part 2

Behind the Scenes – Lena Phoenix talks about supply chain and more…

You may have heard about “global supply chain” problems. Got a clue what that means? Or, more, do you know how it could impact you? Here’s a hint: it’s getting more expensive for almost every company to do almost everything. And it’s taking more time for materials and finished products to get to manufacturers and […]

Perfectly Mentored Podcast with Steven Sashen: “Running” a Business

Building a successful brand is no magic trick—at least, not in the way you think. The Xero Shoes story is one example of how a business can start from a crazy idea. Our founder, Steven Sashen is the founder, creator, and visionary behind our brand. What started as a sandal company on Shark Tank, evolved into […]

Neil deGrasse Tyson + Irene Davis = Minimal Shoes are best

Famed science educator, Neil deGrasse Tyson, invited Harvard’s Dr. Irene Davis to dive in the the question: What Shoes (if any!) Are Best For Us? He did this on a recent Star Talk podcast episode, Born To Run Farther, that included an interesting technique: in addition to simply talking with Irene about the research about […]

The Darin Olien Podcast features Xero Shoes CEO, Steven Sashen

I got a call a couple months ago: “Hey, is Darin Olien wearing Xero Shoes on the Netflix show ‘Down to Earth with Zac Efron?” WHAT?! I rushed to log in to Netflix, found the show and, HEY! Look what I saw: I know it’s hard to tell, but I’m wired to spot Xero Shoes […]