Trusting Your Instincts & Turning Down Shark Tank: Bet on You Podcast

Xero Shoes CEO Steven Sashen joins the “Bet On You” podcast to share his entrepreneurial journey, and how he used the opportunity of turning down Shark Tank to create something even greater with his footwear brand. – Bet On You features Angie (Morgan) Witkowski and Ben Whiting who are joined by risk-takers of all kinds […]

The Big Leap Podcast: Steven Sashen, the Creator of Xero Shoes

Join hosts Gay and Mike as they pick the brain of Xero Shoes’ CEO, Steven Sashen on The Big Leap podcast. Key Takeaways (05:08) Steven’s Big Leaps and Backstory (15:27) The inspiration behind Xero Shoes (22:34) It’s really easy to make a million dollars (28:52) The first principles that Steven lives by (35:45) Working as […]

Steven Sashen on Dr. Steven Gundry’s Podcast

Don’t miss Xero Shoes’ CEO, Steven Sashen, and his conversation with Dr. Steven Gundry on a new episode of the Dr. Gundry Podcast. They talk about why your shoes may actually be harming your health – and why you do NOT need an arch for proper foot support and cushion. PLUS, they discuss the 3 […]

Voice of Influence Podcast: CEO Steven Sashen

The Voice of Influence podcast interviews CEOs of successful companies who strive to do good in the world. Listen to the latest episode with Xero Shoes’ CEO Steven Sashen as he talks about: What makes Xero Shoes successful? What challenges and opportunities lie ahead in 2023? What advice does Steven have for expedited growth and […]

Natural Running Network Podcast: Minimal Running Shoes with Steven Sashen

Steven Sashen is the CEO and Co-founder of Xero Shoes, a company dedicated to the design of minimal running shoes and the belief that as close to barefoot in all we do is healthier and promotes longevity. It is a rare opportunity to find a running shoe manufacture who refuses to bend to trendy designs in the hopes of […]

Optimize Yourself Podcast with Steven Sashen

Optimize Yourself Podcast with Steven Sashen: On Authenticity, Luck, and Designing Life (and Footwear) On Your Own Terms In this podcast, you’ll learn: Why the minimalistic nature of Xero shoes both prevents and heals injury better than the most popular (and expensive) athletic shoes Why we desperately need to redefine success and stop expecting more […]