Best Shoes for Retail Workers? Try Barefoot Shoes

Going Minimal in Retail If your feet don’t feel as good at the end of a long shift – plus errands, social life, and the rest of your day – as they did at the start… then you’re wearing the wrong shoes. And what if the best shoe for all-day comfort is the exact opposite […]

How Food Service Workers Can Find Comfortable Shoes

Food service workers spend long hours standing and moving around, which puts big demands on their feet. Whether you work in the kitchen or wait tables, your shoes should provide comfort during your shift. Having strong, healthy feet that feel good at the end of a shift starts with picking the right shoe. You’re about […]

Barefoot Shoes for Nurses – Xero Shoes

Are Barefoot Shoes The Best Shoes For Nurses? 3 Reasons To Trying Going Minimal As a nurse, you understand the importance of wearing good shoes for the well-being of your feet and legs. You’re on your feet for long hours, moving from patient to patient, and the last thing you want is to end up […]