Xero Shoes Coupon Scams!

Sometimes I think the Internet brings out the worst in people. If you search for “Xero Shoes Coupons” you will find a TON of sites saying they coupons for saving money on Xero Shoes.

The problem is that they’re fake. All of them.

It’s a real hassle for us because we’ll get calls from customers, angry that the “coupon” they got no longer works.

If you look on our site, you’ll see that we don’t use coupon codes. We used to. We don’t any more.

And even when we did, we rarely would have anything on sale. If we launched a new product, or it was Lena’s birthday, or if we were on Shark Tank… but they would be short-lived.

So why are these people running fake Xero Shoes coupon sites? Because they’ve found a way to profit by getting you to visit their site and click on the fake coupon link.

We try to police this, but every time we shut down one of these phony links, another 5 will pop up. It’s Whack-A-Fake-Coupon!

I wish these scammers would find a legit way to make a living rather than duping our customers (and those of thousands of other online retailers).

If you’re one of the people upset about getting a non-working “Xero Shoes Coupon,” we understand that you’re annoyed. But, trust me, you’re not half as angry as we are about how people with NO connection to our business can hurt our reputation.

2 thoughts on “Xero Shoes Coupon Scams!

  1. Steven, I work on PC’s helping my customer base with these issues. The scammers are most successful with the elderly which compose a large number of my customers which are not runners. I would hope that the younger generation of runners are savy enough to read the URL addresses to realize they have been re-routed to a fake site. You know?

    1. One would hope, wouldn’t one 😉

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