David Csonka reviews Xero Shoes huaraches running sandals

David Csonka says it best: And the actual running, well it feels like something between being barefoot and wearing Vibram Five Fingers Read his entire review at: http://naturallyengineered.com/blog/invisible-shoe-huaraches-affordable-and-dependable/

High School Students Get Xeros!

Xero Shoes fan Dan Bright teaches at a performing arts high school in Florida. And after he came into class wearing his Xero Shoes, the students wanted some for themselves. So we sent materials for about 24 students, and they had a huarache-making party. Read about it here: http://www.heraldtribune.com/article/20101125/ARTICLE/11251052?p=1&tc=pg (and if you know of a group that […]

The motivation to run (barefoot or not)

What motivates you to run? I was asked that question about 6 months ago and, well, my answer ended up on page 61 of the December 2010 Runner’s World! Actually, “on” isn’t the right word, I’m the entirety of page 61! (that was more than a bit of a surprise). You’ll notice I’m not either […]

Huaraches vs. Toning Shoes

Want to know if you should get some toning shoes or a pair of Xero Shoes minimalist shoes? Well, I have an opinion, but maybe these people say it better than I could. http://www.theonion.com/articles/do-toning-shoes-really-work,18445/

Barefoot Running in the NYC Marathon

CBS News has a feature on barefoot running and the New York City Marathon… a number of times, they refer to the fact that if you run barefoot, your form changes and you become a forefoot striker instead of a heel striker. Now, as I’ve mentioned before: barefoot running is NOT just about taking off […]

Xero Shoes running clothes, mugs and more…

Do runners wear ties? I live in Boulder, CO, so I’m the wrong guy to ask. “Formal” wear in Boulder means *black* fleece 😉 But if you’re the kind of person who wears a tie sometimes… or if you’re one of the people who has asked about Xero Shoes hats, mugs and, yes, TIES, check […]

What to do about the barefoot police?

Ever had a run-in with what some call “the barefoot police”? Ever feel like you need to give a little attention to your rebellious side? Then, you’ll love the idea of making your Xero Shoes even MORE minimal! Check out: http://www.barefoot-healthy-blog.com/?p=248 to find out how.

Huarache running sandal party at Hacker Dojo

Want to make your own barefoot running sandals and hang out with other cool, smart people? Then check out the Hacker Dojo huarache making party! More details at http://events.hackerdojo.com/event/333001-shoe-making-party

Tynan loves his barefoot sandals

This just in from Tynan: I stumbled upon a company called Xero Shoes. They send you a rectangle of 4mm thick Vibram sole material, some rope, and you get to build your own shoes, called huaraches, according to the directions on the site. So, one rainy afternoon about six months ago, I found myself huddled on the […]

Barefoot running isn’t just running barefoot!

Back in 2010, I had the pleasure of attending the “Naked Foot 5k” barefoot race. Actually, it was a series of races including a kids race and a 1mile race and the 5k. It was a beautiful Colorado day, the course was wonderful, the organizers did a great job… but the runners scared the crap […]