Mary Costanza wins Xero Shoes

Congrats to Mary Costanza, who just won a pair of Custom-made Xero Shoes and $25 worth of beads to decorate them and make them her very own. Mary was Identity Magazine’s National “I love my…” Mission Week prize winner on February 8th, 2011. National “I love my…” week is an outlet for women to express […]

Orthotics vs. Barefoot Running

The only time I’ve worn anything other than my huaraches or my sprinting spikes in the last 16 months has been the 3 times I put on my old running shoes… so I could shovel snow. Those shoes have my $200 orthotics in them. And each time I’ve put them on, I have the same […]

Kelly’s No-knot huaraches tying method

A combination of Sonja’s way to tie barefoot running sandals with the addition of a toe strap to hold the front of the sandal in place, Kelly offers the following:

Can you really run in huaraches?

When you’re used to hanging out with barefoot runners or, at least, with people who’ve read Born To Run, you forget how “normal people” think. One of the questions I’m most asked by non-barefoot people is: “Can you really run in those?” What amazes me about this question is not how people have forgotten that, […]

Perfect barefoot running form

I’m often asked to make a video showing correct barefoot running form. To say that I’m reluctant to do so is an understatement. And I want to take a moment to say why I’d LOVE to point you (and everyone) to a video that shows “correct” form, I can’t… and don’t really want to. Here’s […]

David Csonka reviews Xero Shoes huaraches running sandals

David Csonka says it best: And the actual running, well it feels like something between being barefoot and wearing Vibram Five Fingers Read his entire review at:

High School Students Get Xeros!

Xero Shoes fan Dan Bright teaches at a performing arts high school in Florida. And after he came into class wearing his Xero Shoes, the students wanted some for themselves. So we sent materials for about 24 students, and they had a huarache-making party. Read about it here: (and if you know of a group that […]

The motivation to run (barefoot or not)

What motivates you to run? I was asked that question about 6 months ago and, well, my answer ended up on page 61 of the December 2010 Runner’s World! Actually, “on” isn’t the right word, I’m the entirety of page 61! (that was more than a bit of a surprise). You’ll notice I’m not either […]

Huaraches vs. Toning Shoes

Want to know if you should get some toning shoes or a pair of Xero Shoes minimalist shoes? Well, I have an opinion, but maybe these people say it better than I could.,18445/