Make your own sandals, Janice style ;-)

Our Customer Happiness Manager, Janice, has been on a roll, creating new DIY sandal designs.

This latest was inspired by our Z-Trek sandals. It uses the “loop” idea from this sandal, and the Heel Strap from our Amuri sandals.

Remember, when you make a kit that has laces touching the ground (like the outside edge by her pinky toes), you’ll want to protect them from abrasion. We recommend using Shoe Goo.

Make your own Sandals - DIY huaraches

13 thoughts on “Make your own sandals, Janice style ;-)

  1. These are lovely! Can you post photos from the sides and back so I can to replicate these myself?

    Thank you!

    1. I’ll talk Janice into creating instructions for these 😉

      1. Just a reminder from another curious costumer. Thank you!

        1. It’s going to happen. I promise! We’ve been so busy that we haven’t had time to whip up the photos/videos.

  2. Yes please make a video for these… they look great!

  3. Creative!

  4. These look awesome, just like Janice! I just talked to her on the phone about a problem with my new Z-Treks and she was super helpful and kind! I’m sad my shoes are going back in the mail, but I’m less sad because of how easily she dealt with the problem — and only 20 minutes before closing time!! Now I just have to wait for my new sandals to arrive!

  5. this looks like a way to keep my foot on the sandal. my right foot does not track right and the big toe on my right foot wants to wander off the sole when i wear the ztreck. i have to wear the cloud instead but now it has worn a hole in my foot under where the cord comes up between the big toe.

    1. oh so my solution for that was to wear a toe sock until it heals 🙂

  6. please, please share the creating instructions for these lovely sandals!

    1. In fact, they do! 🙂

  7. Is there a video tutorial on this tie?

    1. Hmmm… not yet. So, it’s a toe loop, then a Z-shaped section that, ultimately goes through the heel strap on the inside of your ankle, and then a separate loop on the outside of your ankle that goes through the heel strap. (I hope that helps!)

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