Barefoot Running Myths, Lies, and TRUTH #2 – Your Calves Will Get Sore

So, you’ve taken off your shoes to run barefooted. Obviously, you’re using different muscles… so obviously, you’re going to get sore… so, OBVIOUSLY, you need to strengthen your calves and Achilles tendons. Or so you might think 😉 What did you learn or discover? Share your thoughts, comments, and questions, below… And then share this […]

Barefoot Running Myths, Lies, and TRUTH #1 – Toughen your Feet

CLEARLY, if you’re going to run in bare feet, you need thick, calloused feet… right? Well… watch and find out. So, what did you think? Share your thoughts, comments, and questions, below… And then share this video with your friends. Watch the rest of the Barefoot Myths, Lies, and TRUTH video series here.  

Win a year of Chi Running School, Xero Shoes, and Nanu Performance Bars!

Our friend Danny Dreyer, the creator of Chi Running, is having a sweepstakes where you can win 3 great prizes: 1)  A one year membership to the Chi Running School — a $120 value where you get weekly video lessons target one aspect of the ChiRunning and ChiWalk-Run techniques, going deeper than ever with Danny’s […]

Paleo Diet + Barefoot Running = ?

Are you on the Paleo diet, or curious about it? Many people who discover paleo — and I’m neither endorsing it or bashing it in this article — move past the diet and into the “lifestyle,” looking to move and live more like our hominid ancestors. And, not surprisingly, one way to recapture our movement […]

Run faster and stronger with the Exer-Genie

I know, I know… “Exer-genie” sounds like the name of a fitness gadget that women in the 1950’s would have used. But don’t let the name fool you. This is one serious piece of equipment, all rolled up into a tiny, travel-friendly, package that anyone of any fitness level can use to get stronger and […]

Mindful Running with Michael Sandler

Some readers may know that Michael Sandler is one of the reasons Xero Shoes exists. Back in the Summer of 2009 he said, “You know, if you treated this hobby of making barefoot sandals like a business — and built a website — I’d put you in a book that I’m writing called Barefoot Running.” […]

Can You Cure Plantar Fasciitis with Barefoot Running?

A new study by Michael Rathleff and his colleagues offer a new approach for treating plantar fasciitis: strength training. More specifically working on foot and calf strength.Click here to read about the research. I can’t say I’m surprised by this. It’s often the case that gaining strength cures many movement-related problems. But what’s most interesting […]

How to run on a treadmill

When the weather starts turning colder (or months before that, often), people ask me, “Can I run barefoot on a treadmill?” Or, “Can I wear Xero Shoes on a treadmill?” The answer to both questions is a resounding Yes. In fact, some of you may know that my office “desk” is a treadmill. If you […]

Barefoot Running Q&A – Transitioning, pain, and cold weather

Here’s another Barefoot Running Q&A video, where I take an email I’ve received and give an answer on video. In this video we look at the relationship between barefoot and minimalist shoes, foot and calf pain  during the transition to barefoot, how minimalist shoes fit in with the transition to bare feet, and how to […]

Warning: Chia Seed Recall

There’s been a national recall on some brands of Chia Seeds. This won’t affect you if you think Chia Seeds are something you use to make “pets,” but it might if you eat them. The affected brands include Organic Traditions, Williams-Sonoma, and Navitas Naturals brand chia and chia-flaxseed blend powders. Many of our readers heard […]