Mindful Running with Michael Sandler

Some readers may know that Michael Sandler is one of the reasons Xero Shoes exists. Back in the Summer of 2009 he said, “You know, if you treated this hobby of making barefoot sandals like a business — and built a website — I’d put you in a book that I’m writing called Barefoot Running.” […]

Can You Cure Plantar Fasciitis with Barefoot Running?

A new study by Michael Rathleff and his colleagues offer a new approach for treating plantar fasciitis: strength training. More specifically working on foot and calf strength.Click here to read about the research. I can’t say I’m surprised by this. It’s often the case that gaining strength cures many movement-related problems. But what’s most interesting […]

How to run on a treadmill

When the weather starts turning colder (or months before that, often), people ask me, “Can I run barefoot on a treadmill?” Or, “Can I wear Xero Shoes on a treadmill?” The answer to both questions is a resounding Yes. In fact, some of you may know that my office “desk” is a treadmill. If you […]

Barefoot Running Q&A – Transitioning, pain, and cold weather

Here’s another Barefoot Running Q&A video, where I take an email I’ve received and give an answer on video. In this video we look at the relationship between barefoot and minimalist shoes, foot and calf pain  during the transition to barefoot, how minimalist shoes fit in with the transition to bare feet, and how to […]

Warning: Chia Seed Recall

There’s been a national recall on some brands of Chia Seeds. This won’t affect you if you think Chia Seeds are something you use to make “pets,” but it might if you eat them. The affected brands include Organic Traditions, Williams-Sonoma, and Navitas Naturals brand chia and chia-flaxseed blend powders. Many of our readers heard […]

Amuri Cloud Webinar

Have questions about the new Amuri Cloud, or any Xero Shoes product, or anything about barefoot running? Then join me on a live webinar where I’ll answer ’em all. When: Thursday, March 27th at 6pm PT (that’s 7pm Mountain time, 8pm Central time, 9pm Eastern). Where? Online — Click Here to join us!

Do you need to call the Superheros of Health?

We take a break from our usual chat about barefoot running and walking for this: I don’t think it’s much of a confession to say that I’m a total health and fitness geek. I love keeping up on the research about strength training (most recently: power factor training), diet (my latest obsession: resistant starch), supplementation […]

Al Kavadlo working out in Xero Shoes

Fitness Guru Al Kavadlo chats with Xero Shoes

I met (online) Al Kavadlo over 3 years ago and was really impressed with what he was teaching and how well he practiced what he preached. Al has been a big fan of Xero Shoes, sending us photos of him running through the streets of New York, across the Brooklyn Bridge, and performing all manner […]

Become your own barefoot running coach

I had an intense sprinting workout 2 days ago, followed by an even more intense weight lifting workout and this morning I can barely walk. Even more, I did a minor tweak of something in my ankle which I’m noticing as I walk on my treadmill (I have a treadmill desk). As I’m walking, I […]

Barefoot Training Teleseminar

Last night (November 25th, 2012), we had a teleseminar about all things barefoot, from running to walking to hiking to, well anything else that came up. It was an open format call where I just answered whatever questions came up. We discussed: Distance running form vs. sprinting form The proper way to walk when barefoot […]