From “broken” to barefoot to Xero. Greg Makuch’s amazing story

Greg Makuch’s story is one that EVERY runner — barefoot or shod — should hear. I won’t say any more until you watch it, below.

What I LOVE about Greg’s story is how he brought a sense of wonder and curiosity to his journey.

“I’ll never run again… really?”

“These sandals make noise… wait, if I’m running uphill they’re silent so…?”

Greg listened to the feedback from his body and his Xero Shoes and became his own best coach. Don’t overlook how seeing himself on video was such a turning point. It’s amazing to me how often we’re doing something with our body that’s VERY different than what we think we’re doing.

And, while Greg’s is a story about running… do remember that you don’t have to run to enjoy Xero Shoes 😉  In fact, most of our customers do just about everything but run in their Xeros — walk, hike, paddle, play, chill. You name it.

Feel the Freedom. Feel the Fun. Feel The World with Xero Shoes.