Mindful Running with Michael Sandler

michael sandler steven sashen mindful running

Some readers may know that Michael Sandler is one of the reasons Xero Shoes exists.

Back in the Summer of 2009 he said, “You know, if you treated this hobby of making barefoot sandals like a business — and built a website — I’d put you in a book that I’m writing called Barefoot Running.”

To make a long story short, 24 hours later I had a website 😉

Well, Michael has a new program called “The Mindful Running Program” and he interviewed me for it.

Some of what we talked about:

  • Using “mental rehearsal” (not visualization) to prepare for races
  • How barefoot running can become instant meditation
  • The 4 “neurological types” of barefoot runners, and what each one needs in order to improve

And, then, on a personal note:

  • What happens in my mind when I’m running a 100m, or when I was competing as an All-American gymnast… or when I was captured and shot at in Tienanmen Square in 1989!

Click here to check out the interview, and leave a comment after you hear it.