Father’s Day Gift Guide 2023: Best Shoes for Dad

Here are two things we can pretty confidently say about men: They appreciate comfort Once they find something comfortable, they wear it… until it’s worn out A foot-friendly, durable pair of barefoot shoes fits the bill on both counts. No matter what activities he loves doing, naturally comfortable shoes can help him enjoy it even […]

Xero Shoes Forza Trainer wins Women’s Health Sneaker Award

Xero Shoes’ Forza Trainer was named a Best in Weightlifting category winner in the 2023 Women’s Health Sneaker Awards! As editor Jacqueline Andriakos says, “Like all Xero barefoot-style shoes, you feel one with the ground thanks to the thin and flat sole. What’s more: “The Velcro strap right below the ankle helps me feel extra locked […]

Gear Patrol: 10 Best Hiking Sandals Xero Shoes Z-Trail EV

Gear Patrol names Xero Shoes’ Z-Trail EV as one of the Best Hiking Sandals. Editor Hayley Helms says: “Weighing in at a scant 5.4 ounces, the Z-Trail EV is as light as a hiking sandal gets. It eschews thick straps, extra padding and oversized buckles but it drops most of its weight by using a […]

Are Cushioned Shoes Bad for Your Joints?

Big shoe companies will try to tell you that all that padding and “motion control” technology is helping to protect you from impact.  A new study from Oregon State University found the opposite. You can read all about it in this New York Times article: “Super-Cushioned Running Shoes are All the Rage, But Aren’t Foolproof.” […]

HiConsumption: Best Hiking Sandals

Xero Shoe’s Z-Trail EV is the “Best Zero-Drop” Hiking Sandal Looking for lightweight sandals that don’t compromise on comfort or support? That’s why HiConsumption picked Xero Shoes’ Z-Trail EV sandal as the Best Zero-Drop Hiking Sandal. Despite weighing in at just under 11oz, these sandals feature triple-layer FeelLite rubber outsoles that offer 76% less weight […]

The Perfect Shoes for Every Type of Summer Adventure

Have big plans this summer? No matter if it’s a trip, a trek, or relaxing on the beach, you’ll enjoy it more in foot-friendly shoes that are made for the job.  Where is your next adventure taking you? Like matching a fine wine with an outdoor meal, here’s how to match your summer adventure of […]

Robb Report: Best Hiking Sandals

 Xero Shoes’ Z-Trail EV was named as the “Best Ultralight” sandal in Robb Report’s roundup of 10 Best Hiking Sandals for Outdoor Adventures. Writer Todd Plummer says: “Every ounce of your gear can make a difference. If getting the lightest possible hiking sandal is essential, take a look at this option from Xero shoes. They’re […]

InsideHook: 12 Best Hiking Sandals

In summer, hiking sandals are the way to go. Your feet will feel cool, you can splash in creeks at ease and they’re usually lighter. Here’s what InsideHook had to say about Xero Shoes’ Z-Trail EV hiking sandal, named the “Best Ultralight Sandal.” “(The Z-Trail EV) is as close to barefoot hiking as you’ll get […]

Marathon Handbook: The Secrets of Born to Run 2

An Exclusive Marathon Handbook Interview with Christopher McDougall and Eric Orton Watch this video to hear from Xero Shoes’ partners, Christopher McDougall and Eric Orton, as they talk about their latest adventures and chat about their new book, “Born to Run 2” and the new Born to Run Xero Shoes.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: The Perfect Xero Shoes For Every Woman in Your Life

Being a mom is many things, but “easy” generally isn’t one of them. But a truly comfortable pair of barefoot shoes for women make every daily challenge a little more manageable – and every fun activity just a little more enjoyable. Hmmm… more manageable and enjoyable… doesn’t that sound like exactly the kind of gift the mom […]