SHAPE: Best Zero-Drop Shoes are Xero Shoes’ Mesa Trail II

SHAPE names Xero Shoes’ Mesa Trail II as the best zero-drop shoes overall! Why We Like It: Great for trail running, hiking, and off-road roaming, the Xero Mesa Trail II is the ultimate adventure buddy. It’s Worth Noting: The toe-box is intentionally wide to allow your toes to spread and grip the ground. It may […]

Robb Report: Best Water Shoes includes Xero Shoes’ Aqua X Sport

Robb Report’s “10 Best Water Shoes” features Xero Shoes’ Aqua X Sport as the “Best Sneaker-Style Water Shoes”. Author Beau Hayhoe writes, “Some of our favorite water shoes appear like sneakers at first glance… Xero Shoes uses a drainable mesh upper in a vivid blue, then sets it atop its proprietary FeelTrue rubber sole for flexibility and grip—great for […]

Marathon Handbook Reviews: Xero Shoes’ Born to Run Shoe

Are we really born to run barefoot? Marathon Handbook‘s Paul Freary, aka “The Running Shoe Guru”, does a deep dive review of our new Born to Run Mesa Trail shoe. Watch the review to learn about: what makes a natural shoe the barefoot running experience why you should run in a minimal shoe and recommendations […]

Well + Good: Best Barefoot Sandals

Xero Shoes’ Jessie makes the list of Well + Good’s “Best Barefoot Sandals”.  Xero Shoes’ Jessie is a fashionable woman’s sandal that pairs well with your favorite outfit.  Two experts advocate the benefits of barefoot: “Your foot has everything it needs to support and cushion itself…When you contain it in a shoe, you start to […]

Travel + Leisure: Prio Best Breathable Shoes for Summer

The hot temps of summer have arrived, but thanks to Travel + Leisure, their list of 15 Best Breathable Shoes keeps your feet cool. Xero Shoes’ Prio was named “Best Men’s Lightweight Shoe.” Writer Alesandra Dubin says, “These minimalist shoes are super lightweight and designed to promote good posture by mimicking a barefoot experience.” With a breathable mesh upper […]

Organizations That Use Running to Empower Women

For women, running can be a powerful tool for empowerment and self-discovery. Running teaches women many physical, mental, and even social skills, when running in a group. It helps build confidence, reduce stress, and promote a sense of accomplishment and independence. Women of all ages join running groups that can help strengthen community bonds and […]

Barefoot Shoes for Nurses – Xero Shoes

Are Barefoot Shoes The Best Shoes For Nurses? 3 Reasons To Trying Going Minimal As a nurse, you understand the importance of wearing good shoes for the well-being of your feet and legs. You’re on your feet for long hours, moving from patient to patient, and the last thing you want is to end up […]

Best Shoes for the Outdoors for 2023

Feel great all day no matter what you’re doing in the best shoes, sandals, and boots for spring and summer adventures. Your version of “outdoors” might involve exploring different terrains, hiking a technical mountain, or relaxing by a campfire. Either way, you’ll enjoy it more in lightweight, foot-shaped shoes that bring maximum comfort while still […]

5 Easy Tips For Better Running – Global Running Day 2023

Watch the 5-minute guide to better running created by “Born to Run Coach”  Eric Orton. He answers the big questions that people ask – like how often to run, how fast, and how painful your training should be. Coach Eric’s guide will help you make the most out of every step and avoid common frustrations […]

Forbes Father’s Day Gift Guide: Xero Shoes’ Z-Trail EV

Forbes featured Xero Shoes’ Z-Trail EV as the “Top Hiking Gear for Dads”. Writer Joni Sweet says: “At 70% lighter than similar shoes, these hiking sandals from Xero Shoes will let Dad feel light on his feet all summer long.” There are plenty of hiking boots, shoes and sandals from Xero Shoes that are great gifts for […]