Microdosing with barefoot shoes

Microdosing with Barefoot Shoes: What to Know

Do you find yourself constantly on your feet or on the move? Whether an athlete, a parent, a nurse, a teacher or anyone else, your feet are the unsung heroes of your daily grind. And they’re often neglected and constrained by conventional footwear. But there’s a unique approach to building foot strength and improving foot […]

Easy Ways to Improve Your Fitness in 2024

We asked fitness experts for achievable tips to elevate your fitness game this year. We’re not talking about extreme makeovers; we’re talking about small, sustainable changes that can make a big difference. Keep reading for expert tips on walking, running, workouts, and more. Your Fitness Experts Muscle by Maria “Walking is a simple, yet effective […]

Year Zero with Born to Run

Year Zero for Christopher McDougall? He couldn’t even run, let alone tackle a 50 mile race in the Copper Canyons with the Tarahumara. But then, he met Coach Eric Orton, who taught him the truth about running stronger: it starts with a 90-day reboot. That’s exactly why the duo wrote Born to Run 2: The […]

Xero Shoes Expands Operations, Moves to a New Office in Broomfield, CO

Xero Shoes Expands Operations, Moves to a New Office in Broomfield, CO Broomfield, CO (November 11, 2023) – Xero Shoes, a natural footwear brand, moves to a new office location in Broomfield, Colorado to support the brand’s growth and market traction.  The new office address is 320 Interlocken Parkway, Suite 100, Broomfield, CO 80021. At […]

Best Gifts For Fitness Lovers: Xero Shoes Guide

Find A Xero Shoe For The Fitness Lover In Your Life If your fitness-loving family and friends have it all, skip the ordinary gifts and give them barefoot shoes from Xero Shoes. Whether they like to lift weights, play pickleball, run or tackle bootcamps, you can surprise them with a barefoot fitness shoe for any […]

Dr. John Douillard’s LifeSpa Podcast: Barefoot Running with Steven Sashen

John Douillard, DC, CAP, interviews Steven Sashen, the co-founder + CEO of Xero Shoes. Watch this podcast/video episode to learn about foot health, the benefits of barefoot running, “barefoot” style shoes, and Ayurvedic running tips. You’ll learn: How to Begin Running in Xero Shoes or Barefoot?  The Energy Loss from Foam Running Shoes What Running […]

Shoes I Wore Traveling to Italy – Xero Shoes

Written by: Alexa Lampasona, PR Manager at Xero Shoes Alexa handles media relations and press for Xero Shoes. If you found Xero Shoes in a magazine, online article, TV segment, chances are Alexa made that happen! Alexa lives and breathes Xero Shoes, wearing them for running, hiking, walking the dog, hanging around town (in Boise, […]