Xero Shoes Launches New Barefoot Shoes for Running, Hiking and Casual Wear

Broomfield, CO (August 22, 2023) – Barefoot shoe brand, Xero Shoes, just launched eight new styles: two updated running shoes, two trail runners, a workout trainer, a waterproof hiking boot, a men’s casual moccasin, and a faux wool slipper. 

Now with more than 45 styles, Xero Shoes adds styles for every occasion to meet the growing demand, as worldwide searches for “barefoot shoes” have steadily risen since 2021, currently at “peak volume” according to Google Trends

“The talented designers on our team developed our brand into a full-fledged line that appeals to the masses,” says VP of Product Development, Shaun Aharam. “Our Chief Product Officer, Dennis Driscoll, established the foundation of our Xero Shoes’ DNA, which prioritizes natural movement, and with his guidance, we’ve maintained this focus while incorporating creative design elements.”

Xero Shoes’ new styles will be 20+ percent off during the launch sale from August 22 through September 5. Shop and buy at xeroshoes.com/fall23sale in the US and xeroshoes.eu/fall23sale in Europe.

Xero Shoes’ Fall/Winter lineup includes updates to bestsellers and new styles:


  • Scrambler LowAn ultra-lightweight trail runner, unparalleled lightness and flexibility are guaranteed by the fiberlite technology in the Michelin sole.
  • HFS II An evolution of the best-selling road running shoe, with a more aggressive tire tread-inspired outsole for comfort.
  • Mesa Trail WPA waterproof version of the best-selling trail shoe, Mesa Trail. This version keeps your feet dry on cold or wet runs in a surprisingly lightweight package.
  • Speed Force II – The “closest-to-barefoot” racing flat. Co-founder and Masters All-American sprinter, Steven Sashen, uses this for training, racing, and everyday wear.


  • Nexus Knit – Provides comfort and style to wear for workouts and everyday activities, with a premium knit booty design that’s sleek, stylish, and breathable.


  • Ridgeway – A waterproof mid-height hiking boot with a classic, retro look that strips away every bit of unnecessary weight and stiffness.


  • Pagosa – This slipper is light as a feather, the vegan-friendly synthetic wool keeps you cozy in cool weather. The collapsible heel lets you wear it as a slide if you like.
  • Kona – A coastal-style slip-on moccasin for men, made with lightweight, breathable chambray cotton.

As Xero Shoes’ founders and co-CEOs, Steven Sashen and Lena Phoenix discussed on the “How I Built This” podcast, the brand may have started with just a “barefoot running sandal kit” in 2009, but now has a cult-like following of people who never want to wear anything other than the brand’s lightweight, comfortable, foot-shaped shoes, boots, and sandals.

Xero Shoes distinguishes itself from other brands by prioritizing natural comfort through a foot-first design. This includes a wider, foot-shaped toe box, a non-elevated “zero-drop” heel, a flexible sole that allows feet and toes to bend and move naturally and that’s so durable it’s backed with a 5,000-mile sole warranty.