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WIRED picks the Z-Trail EV as the 'Best for Minimalists' in their Beach Running Guide

Here’s what WIRED had to say about the most minimal shoe on the beach running guide: 

“The Z-Trail EV made our best overall spot in our best barefoot shoes guide, and WIRED product writer Scott Gilbertson calls them the best shoes he’s ever worn. Compared to other shoes, there’s hardly any material on them, so you can barely feel them when you’re running.”

Gear Patrol names Z-Trail EV as one of the "Best Hiking Sandals'

Named as the “Best for short hikes”, here’s what editor Hayley Helms had to say:

“Weighing in at a scant 5.4 ounces, the Z-Trail EV is as light as a hiking sandal gets. It eschews thick straps, extra padding and oversized buckles but it drops most of its weight by using a super-thin 10-millimeter sole…The Z-Trail EV is best for shorter hikes and water activities, or for people who want a protected barefoot walking feel.”

Today.com listed the "Best Walking Sandals" and recommends the Z-Trail EV

Podiatrist Dr. Alissa Kuizinas recommends the Z-Trail EV as the best pick for hikers and it’s no surprise why:

These shoes are equipped with quick-dry webbing straps crafted from recycled water bottles. Additionally, the brand says the shoes’ zero-drop heel design promotes proper posture, balance and agility, while the flexible sole bends and flexes with each step.