Who will run the first 1:59 marathon?

Dennis Kimetto MarathonerDennis Kimetto shattered the marathon world record when he ran 2:02:57 in Berlin.

But how fast can we really go over a 26.2 mile course?




Well, long-time distance running guru, Phil Maffetone thinks 1:59 is do-able. VERY do-able.

And he also thinks that the person who sets that record will be running barefoot!

Frankly, we hope he (and, I know it sounds sexist, but it’ll be a “he”) opts for a tiny bit of protection and wears a pair of Xero Shoes!

Phil’s book has some fascinating info about the sub-2 marathon, and even things that might help you run faster than you thought you could. And you’ll find out why he thinks the sub-2 wil be run without shoes.

Check it out on Amazon — http://www.amazon.com/Sub-Two-Hour-Marathon-Within-Runners-Training/dp/1629148172

can we run a 1:59 marathon?And to show you something beautiful, look at this slow-mo video of Dennis. Even with a 10mm drop in his shoes, he’s a serious mid-foot strike runner.

I’d love to get Dennis in a pair of Amuri Cloud 😉

One thought on “Who will run the first 1:59 marathon?

  1. 2h3′ >1h59′, a difference of 4 minutes, that is 4 x 60 = 240sec : 42 = about 6″/km >>> not too little!!! 2’49″2/10 for each km. In any case there are good chances, as african runners are increasing as to number (emulation) and training quality for economical motives.

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