Xero Shoes Barefoot Sandals in COLOR!

Barefoot Running Sandals in COLORS

Houston, we have color!

I am extremely happy and proud to announce that you can now get Xero Shoes (our new name… website is almost done) in 4 WAY COOL colors. And to celebrate, you can also save 20% if you order by October 2nd!

In addition to our Coal Black, you can now get Mocha Earth, Electric Mint, Boulder Sky, and Hot Salmon.

Combine those with our different lace colors…

Well, here are a few combinations that you’ll see around our office:

Lena in her Mocha Earth with matching brown laces and a bunch of Brass Beads

Our office ultra-runner (and customer service manager), Bill, in Electric Mint with Purple laces (he puts 80-100 miles a week on these!)

Steven, taking inspiration from an 8 year old customer who was the first one to wear non-matching laces, in Boulder Sky with White laces and a Hand Pendant (on the left) and Hot Salmon with Red laces (right).

These new colors come in both Connect 4mm and Contact 6mm styles. And you can get them as kits or custom-made.

Click here to order your Xero Shoes Colored Barefoot Sandals

  • Does the material allow for grounding or earthing?

    • Steven


      It’s rubber. For the effect you want, you could do 2 things: 1) put a rivet or grommet through the outsole wherever you want it, or; 2) Tap your toe on the ground 😉 … since it’s an open sandal, you can just FEEL THE WORLD™ rather than try to get conductivity through a closed shoe.

  • Kraut

    What’s that backpack thing he’s wearing in the video? Looks neat.

    Re the sandals, I’m very tempted, but my wife still hasn’t forgiven me for my black base with hot pink laces ….:)

  • Nali

    Wish I could wear these to work.

  • elizabeth

    Wouldn’t the rivet or grommet be uncomfortable to walk on? Just curious – the shoes look amazing!

    • Steven

      Depends on where you put it. I’m not recommending that; just saying that it works… and that, frankly, it would be better and easier to just tap your toe on the ground every now and then.

  • Petr

    Hi, I love the pink soles, are they going to be for sale any time soon?

  • Kate

    Hi, what’s the tying style that Lena uses with her mocha sandals? Similar to what I now use after many attempts at finding a comfortable “flat” knot.

    • Steven

      Just the basic slip-on/slip-off, and then she wraps the leftover around the toe strap.

  • Kate

    Also, any idea when they’ll be available on xeroshoes.co.uk? Thanks

    • Steven

      You’ll have to ask them. I don’t know.

  • Julia

    These are adorable, but I’m still using my original Vibram soles (cut from a sheet) and I have no idea what size I would need because my feet are so wide. Could I send an outline of my foot?

  • Steven Sashen

    Julia… you can either measure your feet (length and width) and we can tell you the correct size, or you can send us a tracing and we’ll tell you (check out http://www.invisibleshoe.com/measure)

  • Julia


  • Brad

    I would enjoy a dark forest green that matches the dark green laces.

    • Steven

      We’ll add that to our list, Brad (each color is EXPENSIVE to make, so we can’t do the whole rainbow… yet).

  • Efrem

    Hey Steve. Nice.

  • Harrison

    If possible, a Sable – more Coffee than Mocha Earth – Dark Brown would go nicely with the dark green laces!

    • Steven

      Mocha isn’t as dark as you think, I think. These look great with Forest Green laces. (But I’ll add “sable” to our list 😉

  • Mmmm. Forest green to match the laces would be great!

    • Steven

      Mark, I’ll add it to the wish list!

  • Looking forward to the dilemma of which ones to wear each day when the Mocha arrive. Hope New Zealand customs work the weekend!

  • Alyssa

    Hi Steven! Would you consider the Boulder Sky a ‘Carolina blue’? Or is it darker, lighter, brighter…?

    • Steven

      It’s a tiny bit brighter than “Carolina Blue,” and this is coming from a Duke grad! 😉

  • Kate

    Apologes, I assumed xeroshoes.co.uk was also your company.

    • Steven

      No need to apologize, Kate — we now have 3 UK dealers

  • SimonH

    Kate – we are now selling the coloures soles through Xero Shoes UK (www.xeroshoes.co.uk)

  • SimonH

    That last comment should have said “coloured soles” 🙂

  • Diana

    In the video above is Lena wearing the 6mm or 4mm? Also when will you have more size options in mocha 6mm in the DIY kits?

    • Lena’s wearing the 4mm… and we’re expecting more Mocha Earth 6mm in a few weeks (I don’t have a specific ETA)