Raymond’s Double-Thong Running Sandal Tying Method

Raymond's Thong Barefoot Running Sandal tying style

Raymond Mack developed this nice thong style

Once you get the tension just right, you slip ’em on and off in a second. People use this tying style for everything from walking to running marathons.

First, a tying tip:

Lacing tips:

Raymond’s Double-Thong Tying Style

Since there’s exposed lace under your foot, I recommend coating that part of the lace with Shoe Goo for added protection.

Step-by-Step instructions coming soon!

8 thoughts on “Raymond’s Double-Thong Running Sandal Tying Method

  1. Steve,

    I love trivia too much not to answer why it’s called a “bobby pin” (in case no one else has answered yet).

    The pin was called a bobby pin because they were used to keep bob cuts held in place.
    Keep having fun!

  2. What kind of knot is used under the toe hole? Is it a figure eight using two strands of rope?

    1. Just a regular overhand knot will do… and then heat it and flatten it out.

  3. Raymond ties an overhand knot at the midpoint of the lace, to lock it in place (since he’s only using one hole at the toe). That (tiny) knot is underneath the shoe.

  4. The end of a shoestring is an aglet and a bobbypin was called that to hold bobb haircuts in place.

    1. Give Tina a prize! (someone? anyone? Beuler?) 😉

      1. What can I get? Would like the black 4mm 9inches long preform since have extra laces. Please?

        1. Oh, I shouldn’t have been so glib. There isn’t an actual prize (and a bunch o’ people here and on YouTube also answered my off-the-cuff quiz). 🙁

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