Can you run long distance in sandals? You bet!

There’s nothing I find funnier than when I’m running in my Xero Shoes sandals and someone asks, “Can you run in those?”

Uh… you’re WATCHING me run in them!

Well, when I tell non-runners that some people run 100k ultramarathons in huaraches, they’re incredulous.

Now I don’t need to explain anything, I can just show this video of the La Ruta Run, a 50k and 100k race that took place in Costa Rica. Arguably, La Ruta is the hardest trail ultramarathon in the world.

Check it out… but be careful. This video will make you want to run La Ruta!

Oh, and look at the 4:18 -ish mark for Jonathan Sinclair and Melissa Gosse running La Ruta in their Xero Shoes! Hear them talk about running La Ruta here.

And check out the women running in their cheap plastic sandals!