Barefoot Sandals, Triathalons, and Speed

I got a call today from someone asking:

I’m a triathlete, and I love the idea of barefoot running, or using your sandals… but how quickly can I put these on and then run with them? The time to transition between biking and running is important to me. And once they’re on, will they fall off?

Good questions.

There are a number of “slip-on/slip-off” tying styles you can use with Xero Shoes (as well as tying styles that you have to lace up every time you wear them).

When you have the tension correct, there’s no problem sliding them onto your foot and having them stay securely for a run, walk, hike, yoga class, or whatever you’re doing.

And it takes just a second to put ’em on. I hold the knot at the top of the sandal in one hand, hold the heel strap in the other, slide my foot all the way in, and then flip the heel strap over my heel.


To prove it, here’s a quick video of our former Customer Service Manager, Bill Babcock, slipping on his Xero Shoes. Bill is also an ultramarathoner who knocks off 100+ miles/week wearing his Xero Shoes with an ultra-minimalist tying, slip-on/slip-off tying style. In fact, in this video, Bill is wearing shoes with the MOST minimalist tying style ever created, which you can find here