These Footwear Style Trends Will Rock 2024

Fashion enthusiasts and trendsetters alike eagerly anticipate the fresh wave of styles that will dominate the footwear scene in 2024. We’ve got an exclusive sneak peek into the hottest trends for 2024, straight from the experts: Kristina Funck, Xero Shoes’ talented Design Director, and Megan Elias, the creative force behind our Product Merchandising. Plus, we’ve tapped into the wisdom of barefoot shoe expert Anya Jensen, the visionary founder of Anya’s Reviews.

5 Fashion Trends for 2024

Barefoot/Wellness Trend

Get ready to kick off the year on the right foot – quite literally! The buzzworthy trend for 2024 is all about embracing barefoot footwear styles. According to data from trend forecasting platform WGSN, searches for “barefoot training shoes” have surged by a staggering 450%, reflecting a growing interest in comfortable yet stylish options. Enter Xero Shoes, where minimalism meets functionality. 

Xero Shoes’ iconic Genesis sandal and DIY Sandal Kit, the epitome of a barefoot sandal, offers an almost invisible feel on your foot, aligning seamlessly with the trending need for packable and travel-friendly options.

The rise in barefoot interest is more than just a fashion statement; it’s a testament to the evolving consumer mindset centered around well-being. Holistic wellness has become more mainstream, and Xero Shoes is uniquely positioned to deliver a positive experience that goes beyond mere style, making wearers feel like an integral part of the barefoot movement and community.

Quiet Luxury

Glenn Brown

We also see the Quiet Luxury trend continue into 2024. Quiet Luxury is a move from the more is more and joyful maximalism – YOLO trends that dominated post-pandemic style. Quiet Luxury is defined by more timeless silhouettes and colors, clean lines, and refined materials. It is meant to be understated, yet eye catching. Quiet luxury is a turn towards a more sustainable industry. Versatile, timeless pieces are intended to slow trend cycles and increase closet longevity. 

 Key elements of this trend are earthy natural tones like Nutshell brown, classic footwear styles like ballerina flats and Mary Janes. 

Styles like Xero Shoes’ Phoenix leather ballet flat, Cassie Mary Jane, men’s Glenn are perfect for this trend.

Gorpcore Outdoors

The post-pandemic consumer continues to embrace the outdoors as a fitness playground. The “Gorpcore” trend is still relevant in 2024. In Outdoor Performance, we may see an uptick in the more core/monochromatic colors. Quiet Luxury is also spilling into the Outdoor space at the high end, this will trickle down to our future FW24 launches, so stay tuned! 

Styles like our Mesa Trail II and Ridgeway are the perfect shoes to take on the trail (or the street).


The refined soccer trainer trend (or “Football Sneakers” continues to have momentum in 2024 (think: Adidas Samba) thanks to Gen Zers. A nod to iconic retro sneakers, you can wear retro styles with business casual attire.

Xero Shoes’ gum-colored outsole sneaker and low-profile sneakers, the Prio Suede, or the court-style Kelso, are great picks for this look! 

 Whites and Lights

Anya Jensen says, “next year we’re going to see a lot of whites and lights in footwear. Black will never go out of style, but white is enjoying a special moment as a fresh and bright shoe color all year round. Yes, winter whites are totally a thing. I love how simple it is to style this trend because it’s all about how white lifts an outfit and makes it instantly more crisp. That means you don’t need to overthink it.”

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Xero Shoes’ Dillon sneaker and Nexus Knit are perfect all-white shoes to fit this trend. 

Trendy and Stylish Xero Shoes 

Phoenix Knit and Leather


Prio Suede

Get ready to elevate your style game and make 2024 your most fashionable year yet! Browse our selection of men’s and women’s shoes to upgrade your footwear style.