LIVESTRONG.COM Names Xero Shoes’ Prio as One of the Best Barefoot Lifting Shoes

LIVESTRONG.COM featured the Xero Shoes Prio in their “The 7 Best Barefoot Lifting Shoes of 2023, According to Strength Coaches” article. “These are another solid option if you’re looking to transition to flat shoes for lifting. They have zero drop from heel to toe and space to allow your toes to spread naturally.” McNamara says. “These shoes […]

CEO Steven Sashen’s Footwear Plus “Letter to Himself”

If you’ve ever heard a conversation with Xero Shoes’ CEO, Steven Sashen, you’re probably wondering how he got into the footwear business. In the December 2022 issue of Footwear Plus, Steven writes “a note to my younger self “at 21, giving tips for the road to come…

Natural Running Network Podcast: Minimal Running Shoes with Steven Sashen

Steven Sashen is the CEO and Co-founder of Xero Shoes, a company dedicated to the design of minimal running shoes and the belief that as close to barefoot in all we do is healthier and promotes longevity. It is a rare opportunity to find a running shoe manufacture who refuses to bend to trendy designs in the hopes of […]

Mike Gabler, Survivor 43 Winner: Stronger from the Ground Up in Xero Shoes

The reality TV show victor shares how he built balance and resilience to outlast 15 competitors in Fiji and come away with the crown! Mike Gabler has always been picky about his shoes. An avid hunter, hiker, and slackline enthusiast who also spends some long days on his feet in operating rooms, Gabler knows what […]

How to Winterproof Your Barefoot Shoes by Anya’s Reviews

Once you experience the freedom of barefoot shoes it’s hard to go back to your old pinchy boots. And even though there are practical barefoot winter boots available, depending on your environment it might not be quite enough.  I myself had a difficult time in extreme cold and ice before I learned a few hacks. […]