4 Natural Movement Techniques to Try For Yourself (Videos)

Reconnect with Your Body: Discover Natural Movement

This blog features workout tips from Erwan Le Corre:

Erwan Le Corre Provides 4 Techniques to Help Optimize Natural Movement 

In a world where our lives are increasingly sedentary, finding our way back to the basics of movement is not just refreshing—it’s essential.

Erwan Le Corre founded MovNat, a physical education and fitness method for real-world physical capability. Erwan shares a video series featuring four techniques that promise to revolutionize how you move naturally.

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a professional athlete, or someone looking to improve your physical well-being, Erwan teaches you to discover the freedom of natural movement.

Rediscover Natural Movement With These 4 Techniques

Natural movement is twofold: First, how your footwear allows your feet to move and feel is essential. Second, the ease and efficiency of your movement matter.

In these four videos, you’ll learn the following techniques: 

  1. Running – How to run efficiently and economically.
  2. Balancing Walk – How to develop better balance while walking on a narrow surface.
  3. Foot-Hand Crawl – How to walk on all fours using an efficient pattern that will save you much energy.
  4. Leg-Swing Jump – How to jump across gaps by landing softly and safely.

Let’s dive into each technique and learn more about natural movement!

1. Unlocking the Art of Proper Running Form

In this video, Erwan teaches you the fundamentals of efficient running, starting with proper posture.

Before taking a step, align your spine from head to toe. Running should feel comfortable and natural. Land lightly on the ball of your foot so you feel light and elastic in your movements. Practice a slight forward leaning at the ankle level to propel yourself forward with minimal effort, making running more efficient and enjoyable.

2. Balancing Walk for Improved Balance

Erwan teaches you a simple exercise and additional challenges to enhance balance.

The balancing walk involves standing on one leg and experimenting with moving the other in various directions. The foundation of better balance begins with ensuring a vertical alignment of the body. To simulate balancing on a narrow surface, walk in a straight line with one foot in front of the other. As you improve, you can progressively introduce more challenging surfaces, like a two-by-four, to safely improve balance.

3. Crawling: The Blueprint of Movement

Erwan spotlights crawling, a fundamental natural movement that is often overlooked in adult fitness regimes, and a core technique in MovNat training.

The knee-hand crawl exercise involves moving opposite sides of the body simultaneously in an X pattern. Once comfortable, you’ll progress to the foot-hand crawl, which requires advanced balance and stability in a slightly elevated position. You’ll learn the most efficient way to crawl: moving forward through a push-off from the feet and backward by pushing off with the hands.

4. Leg-Swing Jumping

In this video, Erwan demonstrates the leg-swing jump technique to overcome real-world obstacles efficiently and with minimal energy expenditure.

You’ll learn to use a “one-two” landing pattern to land softly and maintain stability. This method is beneficial when the obstacle is not too wide yet too challenging for a simple step over. Start with ground-level exercises and progress to practicing the technique at increasing distances and eventually incorporating environmental variables. This gradual increase in complexity allows for skill development and confidence in using the leg swing jump in various scenarios.

Embark on Your Natural Movement Journey

Reconnect with your body’s natural movements and develop a more intuitive relationship with yourself and the natural world.

We hope this video series helps you rediscover the basics of movement.  

Learn more about MovNat and check out their online e-courses. 

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