Run to the Top Podcast: The Barefoot Advantage with Steven Sashen

In this episode of Run To The Top, we are joined by Steve Sashen, the Founder-CEO of Xero shoes. We discuss his journey from returning to running in his late forties to becoming a competitive sprinter and building a prominent shoe brand. Our conversation delves into the problems with modern running shoes, the advantages and disadvantages of super shoes, various biomechanical studies informing the athletic footwear industry, and the case for minimalist footwear and barefoot running.


Takeaways from this episode include:

  • Whether modern running shoes negatively impact running form and performance
  • Whether barefoot running or minimalist shoes can help improve form and reduce injury risk
  • The pros and cons of “super shoes” and the concept of a level playing field in shoe technology
  • New research on how to implement barefoot running into your training program
  • Whether the barefoot running movement has lost momentum in recent years