Can I run barefoot in the cold?

I’ve posted a few times about running barefoot in the cold (or in Xero Shoes)… check out this link, for example. But, inspired by a video I just received from Andreas Cederström in Sweden, I thought you would enjoy this: (Pardon the lag between video and audio… weird Google Hangout effect) You can find Andreas’ […]

Leg length differences and barefoot running

Can you run barefoot if your legs are different lengths? This is a question I get at least once a week. And I think the answer may be surprising. Watch this video that I made with Joshua Gordon about barefoot running technique and leg length issues (and a LOT more). Then leave a comment below […]

Running with the Tarahumara in Costa Rica

Want to run with the Tarahumara (the Mexican tribe featured in Chris McDougall’s bestseller, Born to Run)? Well, if you can’t make it to the Copper Canyon, or anywhere else for that matter, here’s the next best thing. Ultra runners Jonathan Sinclair and Melissa Gosse went to Costa Rica for La Ruta 100k, arguably the […]

Xero Shoes go to Costa Rica for La Ruta Run

Jonathan Sinclair and Melissa Gosse left the cold weather in Edmonton, Alberta and jetted to Costa Rica for the La Ruta Run, perhaps the hardest ultramarathon in the world. We’ll have a full report about their trip and the race in about 48 hours. But until then, I wanted to share this quick story they […]

Barefoot running on Youtube – A webinar with Jon and Mel

Think you can’t run an ultra-marathon? Well, think again. Maybe your limitations aren’t what you imagine them to be. I just had a great chat with ultra-runners, Jonathan Sinclair and Melissa Gosse that I know you’ll love, whether you ever plan to run an ultra or not. Watch the webinar and you’ll learn: Do you […]

Men's Health Barefoot Running Stumbles

Men’s Health Barefoot Running Article … more of the same

The recent “Special Report” in Men’s Health about barefoot running has inspired me to help you make a career change. You, too, can write an article about barefoot running that will appear in a major newpaper, magazine, or television show, if you do the following. Ten Steps to writing a popular barefoot running article Open with […]

Get Stronger. Run Faster.

I’m a total fitness geek. I’m always on the lookout for a new workout, a new exercise, a new challenge. I’m also an efficiency geek. I like things that give the maximum bang for the minimum buck, if you will. And, I’m a sprinter, so I pay the most attention to anything that will make […]

Pronation and barefoot running

Whenever we’re selling Xero Shoes at a public event, a few people will come up to our booth, examine our barefoot sandals, and claim (with a strange tone of almost arrogance), “I can’t wear these. I pronate.” Sometimes they’ll pull out the third party endorsement, “My doctor says I pronate.” Or the less-convincing, “The shoe […]

is barefoot running good for you

The Death Of Barefoot Running

Imagine for a moment that you did extensive research into something, only to conclude that you need more research before you could make a meaningful statement about that something. Is that news? I don’t think so. Would any newspaper publish a headline: Scientists discover: We’re not sure yet! Nope. No news is not news. So, […]

The dumbest barefoot running study yet?

National Taiwan Normal University recently published a study in the journal, Gait & Posture, that might be the dumbest study ever done about barefoot running. Or, now that I think of it, it maybe it’s the best. Hmmm… Let’s start with the study and then I’ll tell you why it’s so stupid and so awesome at […]