Is there a best way to run?

The barefoot running boom has heated up a debate about the best way to run. Barefoot? Shoes? Barefoot shoes? Midfoot strike, heel strike, forefoot strike? In today’s New York Times Online, Gina Kolata (whose writing and name I adore) goes after this question. Really, you can stop reading after the first sentence of the 2nd […]

Barefoot Running – The Movie!

Our friends Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee have just released an incredibly ambitious project: Barefoot Running – The Movie Shot in Hawaii, the footage is STUNNING (it’ll make you want to run, run barefoot, run barefoot in Hawaii, or just move to Hawaii). I’m telling you, some of the shots in this movie make it […]

See, Barefoot Running is NOT Bad for You

The media is an interesting thing. One day, they love you, the next day they hate you. As long as there’s controversy, they’re interested… ish. The last time barefoot running made all the news it was when the University of Colorado study (done right up the hill from me) apparently showed that barefoot running was […]

Barefoot Running… The Movie!

I know many of you are eagerly waiting for the Born To Run movie (I am, too). Well, until that’s out at your local gajillion-plex, check out this trailer of the new barefoot running movie by Michael Sandler and Jessie Lee, authors of Barefoot Running. I’m forever grateful to Michael and Jessie… when I decided […]

Run in Peace, Micah True

There’s no way to adequately thank one of the great inspirations in the running world, Micah True, also known as Caballo Blanco (“White Horse”), who was found dead just hours ago. Micah, arguably the “star” of Christopher McDougall’s best seller, Born To Run, went out for a run on Tuesday and did not return. There’s […]

Dr. Mark’s brilliant Natural Running video

Dr. Mark Cucuzzella is not only FAST (he won the US Air Force Marathon this year), he’s committed to understanding the facts of barefoot running (and minimalist, too). As a physician, professor, and owner of Two Rivers Treads running shoe store, Mark is all about getting people running safely, enjoyably, and easily. Plus, he’s a […]

How To Run Barefoot

“What’s the best way to learn barefoot running?” It’s easy (and FUN) if you follow these few guidelines…

Harvard Barefoot Running Studies Support Xero Shoes

What are the benefits of barefoot running? Well, Harvard’s Dr. Daniel Lieberman has another answer. His studies from 2 years ago showed how barefoot runners who forefoot strike put less force into the ground and, therefore, less force into their joints. Now he has 2 new studies that have just come out that support how […]

4 Reasons NOT to Run Barefoot

[This post is guest-authored by our friend Rob Raux from] Being barefoot and running barefoot is a blissful and consciousness-expanding endeavor. The feedback supplied from the ground is powerful enough to force even experienced runners to try it for only a mile or so, if they make it that far. Barefoot running, however wonderful, […]

Can you run barefoot in the cold?

Barefoot in the Cold

“What should I do if it’s cold outside?” Guess what? You can still wear your sandals! Here’s how I’ve done it for 3 winters…