Barefoot Running – The Movie!

Our friends Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee have just released an incredibly ambitious project:

Barefoot Running – The Movie

Shot in Hawaii, the footage is STUNNING (it’ll make you want to run, run barefoot, run barefoot in Hawaii, or just move to Hawaii). I’m telling you, some of the shots in this movie make it feel like you ARE running around Hawaii, which as the Fall descends on Colorado, is quite a pleasant feeling.

And it’s practically everything Michael and Jessie know, and have been teaching, about barefoot running for the last 3+ years. I say “practically” because the section of footwear is notoriously lacking in a mention of us 😉 (or of huaraches, in general).

I asked Michael about this. He said, “When we got to that section of the video, it was just me and the director and one camera… and we didn’t have any of our sample footwear — including Xero Shoes — on the island. And we had just a few hours to get that section done!”

Apology accepted 😉

He did, though, let me know that huaraches are featured in their upcoming book, Barefoot Walking (due out early 2013).

BTW, if you don’t know, Michael and Jessie were my introduction to running without shoes… and Michael’s comment that if I built a website for what was at the time a sandal-making hobby he would include us in his upcoming book… well, that was the beginning of Xero Shoes.

Congrats on an impressive and heartfelt project, M & J… and thanks for inspiring what has become the most satisfying business I can imagine.