International Barefoot Running Day Donut Dash!

international Barefoot Running Day Join Xero Shoes for International Barefoot Running Day (IBRD) on Sunday, May 5th.

IBRD is the brainchild of The Barefoot Runners Society, and the Colorado chapter has something special lined up:

The 1st ever Barefoot Donut Dash!

We’ll start at 10am at the Xero Shoes office — 5470 Conestoga Ct, Boulder, CO, 80301 — with a barefoot running lesson. Whether you’re brand new to barefoot, or haven’t seen a pair of shoes in decades, you’ll learn from and enjoy this simple class.

Then, you can test your new (or improved) skills with either a 1k or 5k run/walk.

Xero Shoes CEO and Masters All-American sprinter, Steven Sashen, will lead the 1k. Xero’s Customer Service Manager and resident ultra-runner, Bill Babcock, will take people out on the 5k.

Both runs will end about 75 meters from the Xero office… at Dizzy’s Donuts, where you can get a gourmet doughnut (can you say, “Maple Bacon” or “Seriously Chocolate Cheesecake” or “Jalapeno Chedder”?!) at a special IBRD price.

No experience is necessary.

If you want to bring and wear minimalist shoes, that’s okay (though you may learn that your minimalist shoes are getting in the way of learning to master barefoot running).

Xero Shoes will also be on sale for IBRD participants.

Please fill out this REGISTRATION FORM. If possible, scan/email it back to us at, or Fax it to 303.786.9292… or just bring it with you when you come to enjoy International Barefoot Running Day and the Donut Dash!

  • Sam

    I’m not finding a link to the registration form… Can I just show up tomorrow morning?