The Shocking Truth about Sprinting Workouts (from Xero Shoes)

Most people associate barefoot running with long distance. But Xero Shoes CEO, Steven Sashen, is a Masters All-American sprinter… the opposite of a marathoner. And while people view the effort, determination, and sometimes near-death experiences of the ultra runner with great respect, sprinting is still the sport that crowns “The Fastest Man in the World.” […]

Lose Shoes Now. Ask Me How.

Tired of people asking the same ‘ole questions as you walk or run barefoot (or in Xero Shoes)? Well, how ’bout some shirts that do the speaking for you? I’ve got a series of them planned out…  here’s the first two (one “generic” and one Xero). Click on the image to order… Oh, and you […]

The World’s Fastest Triathlon

I just did the world’s fastest triathlon. A TRUE sprint triathlon. That was #mytri. Share this and let’s get more people doing THEIR triathlons. Now let me see yours!

Feet With Built In Support

New Technology in Ankle support, Arch support, Flat Feet and High Arches

Do you need arch support? Ankle support? If so, try the newest product on the market today, YOUR FEET! New and improved for 2022 with built-in arch support and ankle support! You’ve tried everything else — shoes, orthotics, inserts — now try YOUR FEET! Their flexible construction with almost 1/4 of all the bones and […]

TrailMax Ultra Running Sandal

Introducing the new TrailMax running sandal. The USA-made sports sandal ingeniously combines the benefits of zero-drop, barefoot footwear with jaw-dropping 65 mm (5.26 inch) of dense, anti-memory foam rubber in the sole for maximum cushioning support. The TrailMax weighs less than the Hoka but boasts more than twice the stack height. According to Boulder-based TrailMax’s […]

Run barefoot in the matrix

Run Faster. Run Farther.

Okay, here’s a tough question for you runners out there: Well, Neo, which is it? Tell us which pill you would pick, below…

Dogs say “Go Barefoot” or grrrrrrr…

Whether you love cats or dogs, this video will prove that dogs deserve the title “Man’s Best Friend” when you see what they do to the “foot coffins” most people call “shoes.” They know that barefoot is best (and Xero’s are the closest thing to barefoot) 😉

Parents, keep your children from barefoot running

Know the dangers of distance running!

Parents, do you know the warning signs of “distance running?” Are your children under the influence of the evil pushers of 5k racing? We hope this video will help you save your children from the unnecessary suffering that this horrible addiction can cause. 😉 Big thanks to everyone at BYU TV for this hilarious bit […]