The World’s Fastest Triathlon

I just did the world’s fastest triathlon. A TRUE sprint triathlon.

That was #mytri.

Share this and let’s get more people doing THEIR triathlons.

Now let me see yours!

8 thoughts on “The World’s Fastest Triathlon

  1. Thanks so much for the laugh!! That dive looked painful… Can’t do a video of our triathlon, so I’ll just describe it. My husband and I take our 6 kids to a county park with some great running trails. The older 3 run with Dad about 3 miles (switching leaders, hopping logs, zigzagging, laughing) the 4yr old rides his bike, and I strap a baby to my chest while walking with my 19mos old. That all takes about an hour and a half including drive and load and unload time. Then we come home and some of the runners take a shower. We call it the ‘Combined Family Triathlon’. Everyone is happy before, during and after, no passing out, puking, pooping on themselves (well hold that thought, two of them might do that…).

    1. a) Not painful at all… but I DEFINITELY need to work on my transition from the swim to the bike! 😉

      b) you’ll HAVE to make some sort of vid of the CFT!

  2. That’s awesome! You might be able to shave off some of your time if you ride your bike through the pool. But not right away – you know take a couple weeks off and work back up to it. Ha!

  3. Hahahaha!

  4. Pictures of mine will be fortrhcoming in June, 2016. half mile swim, bike some distance, run 5K. I plan on wearing my Xeros for the entire race so I won’t need to do the usual shoe changing.

    1. Can’t wait to see the pics!

  5. That was awesome! My tri was even shorter. I spit in the air and tripped on a marble.

  6. you’re crazy! I loved it. Let’s do this kind of funny things, I guess I have quite a bunch coming from my students regarding using xeroshoes… they still can’t believe I hike, run and do all sorts of stuff with them… even teach 🙂

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