The ultimate zero drop zero stack height footwear

Two key components of a barefoot shoe (or minimalist shoe) are “drop” and “stack height.” Drop is the height difference between the heel and ball of the foot. When you stand on the ground, your heel and feet are at the same height, which means “zero-drop.” Stack Height is the thickness of whatever is under […]

Get Xero Shoes for free (better than a coupon ;-) )

Even though Xero Shoes cost MUCH less than any similar product, especially with our 5,000 mile sole warranty, I know that for some people the price of Xero Shoes is more than they have. Well, here’s a way you can get a pair for free 😉 Let us know how you do with this “magical […]

Barefoot running efficiency

Is barefoot running more or less efficient than running in shoes? Who cares?! Barefoot is fun! And we think barefoot is good for you, too. Besides, the recent studies that say barefoot is less efficient are riddled with holes (including that one only showed that “barefoot-style” running was less efficient for people who had no […]

Who wears running shoes… really?

It’s no surprise that the vast majority of the people wearing Air Jordan’s don’t play basketball, that almost nobody who wears the Puma Faas shoes will give Usain Bolt a run for his money. Well, Saturday Night Live nailed it with this commercial for New Balance 😉 Like it? Then SHARE IT.

A new huarache sandal tying style

Foot tattoos and barefoot sandals

On Facebook, Sarah asked: I’m getting the tops of my feet tattooed and need to find a way to tie them so that none of the laces touch the top of my feet! My big toe too! I figure a loop over my 2nd and 3rd toe….but anyone have tying suggestions for the heel? I […]