Lose Shoes Now. Ask Me How.

Tired of people asking the same ‘ole questions as you walk or run barefoot (or in Xero Shoes)?

Well, how ’bout some shirts that do the speaking for you?

I’ve got a series of them planned out…  here’s the first two (one “generic” and one Xero). Click on the image to order… Oh, and you can change the shirt style and color if you like!

Lose Shoes Now. Ask Me How. T Shirt Lose Shoes Now. Ask Me How. Xero T Shirt

How is “Lose Shoes Now. Ask Me How.” the answer?  It’s not. But our new slogan (and hashtag) #Feel.Real.Fun. sure is.

Your feet are supposed to FEEL.

Being bare is REAL.

And, most importantly, it’s FUN!

In fact, if you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right. 🙂