Minimalist Running and Riding – the Xero Biathlon

Want to run a race, but there isn’t one scheduled? Want to tackle a biathlon (running and bike riding), but there isn’t one in your neighborhood? Want to run barefoot or in minimalist shoes, but tired of people yelling, “You can’t do that!” at you? Getting too cold for racing in barefoot-style sandals? Well, Frank […]

Minimalist sandals are our life!

When Lena and I started Xero Shoes in November 2009, we thought, “Oh, this’ll be a nice little hobby business.” We never anticipated it growing as much as it has, or working as hard as we work 😉 After appearing on Shark Tank last night, we’ve been SWAMPED with orders, emails, phone calls. I’ve been […]

Xero Shoes Barefoot Sandals on Shark Tank

Xero Shoes on Shark Tank… AGAIN!

We just got the word from ABC and Mark Burnett Productions that our Shark Tank episode is re-airing on Friday, May 31st. Frankly, we’re still reeling from the effects of our original air date in February. We sold over 3,000 pairs of Xero Shoes barefoot sandals after the show aired… and that was in the […]

Brand new Xero Shoes Running Sandal Laces!

After months of development we’re proud to introduce new laces for our barefoot sandals. These 100% polyester laces come in 22 colors, including 3 reflective: Black, Silver-Gray, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Maroon, Brown, Tan, Royal Purple, Violet Red, Orange, Gold, Sky Blue, Hot Lime, White, Hot Pink, Hot Orange, Hot Lemon, Reflective Black, Reflective Blue, […]

Barefoot Sandals – A How To Guide

How did this whole Xero Shoes barefoot running sandals business begin? Krizia interviews Masters All-American sprinter and Xero Shoes CEO, Steven Sashen, for a tell-all story about the history of Xero Shoes, the value of being barefoot, the evolution of the barefoot running world, how to start an Internet business, secrets of online marketing, new […]

Xero Shoes Barefoot Sandals On Shark Tank

In 2013, Lena and I had the honor and pleasure of appearing on the ABC hit reality-business show, Shark Tank on ABC… and on October 1st we appeared on CNBC, who syndicated the show. Over 30,000 applied to be on the show and we were on pins and needles for months, waiting to see if […]

“Barefoot Sandal” Start-up Hires Former Crocs Exec

Dennis Driscoll, a 35-year footwear industry veteran who co-founded Avia Footwear and most recently worked as Global Design Director for Crocs, has joined Boulder-based barefoot running shoe start-up, Feel The World, Inc., the makers of Xero Shoes • Original Barefootware.

Xero Shoes Barefoot Sandals in COLOR!

Houston, we have color! I am extremely happy and proud to announce that you can now get Xero Shoes in 4 WAY COOL colors. And to celebrate, you can also save 20% if you order by October 2nd! In addition to our Coal Black, you can now get Mocha Earth, Electric Mint, Boulder Sky, and […]