Run in Peace, Micah True

Micah True, ultrarunner

There’s no way to adequately thank one of the great inspirations in the running world, Micah True, also known as Caballo Blanco (“White Horse”), who was found dead just hours ago. Micah, arguably the “star” of Christopher McDougall’s best seller, Born To Run, went out for a run on Tuesday and did not return. There’s no news at this moment about a cause of death.

As Micah would often say in signing off, “Run Free!”

Run In Peace, Micah.

p.s. If you feel moved to support the cause Micah worked so hard on, go to

  • The best way people can honor my old friend and fellow Copper Canyon guide is to donate to his charity which benefits the Raramuri Indians (AKA Tarahumara) as did the race Micah founded. The Raramuri are barely surviving the worst drought in Mexican history. Here’s a photo of Micah I took when we both lived in Guatemala, about 1988:

  • Teri

    I just saw this posting and I’m so sad to read of Caballo Blanco’s death! I’m reading “Born to Run” now, and so it is more poignant as I feel I’ve become acquainted to him through McDougall’s writing. I wish you well, Micah, wherever your next run takes you! We will remember you.

  • Randy Kreill., Beavercreek OH

    Here’s a GREAT video with Micah True featured along with Scott Jurek, just out three weeks ago. Well worth 4 minutes!!

    I’m a full time parent in Ohio who doesn’t get out much, and I haven’t accomplished much athletically beyond finishing some distances that surprise non runners, but I set up some big goals for this year, that include a 50 mile trail run attempt in late June, then a “do it yourself full ironman workout” on my 50th birthday in late August.

    I only know of Micah what I’ve read and seen on videos, but had sent him an email about 4 weeks before he disappeared, hoping to get info on what I’d need to do to maybe run his ultra with the Tarahumara some year, if I could finish my 6 long races this year and build from there…maybe I could learn to tackle those elevation changes and experience first hand what Scott learned from Caballo and the Mexican runners who never forgot how to run.

    Hopefully someone will keep that event going and maybe I’ll get out of Ohio to run it some year.

    Here’s another new tribute/photo video…

  • CE

    I’m sorry to hear this.