Barefoot Running… The Movie!

I know many of you are eagerly waiting for the Born To Run movie (I am, too).

Well, until that’s out at your local gajillion-plex, check out this trailer of the new barefoot running movie by Michael Sandler and Jessie Lee, authors of Barefoot Running.

I’m forever grateful to Michael and Jessie… when I decided to try running barefoot as a way to deal with my persistent running injuries, I was fortunate enough that they were teaching a workshop that very weekend, right in my backyard (metaphorically speaking… it was 3 miles away).

Even more, after my first barefoot run, when I said to Michael, “Well, that was interesting, but I’m a sprinter, not a long, slow distance guy,” he encouraged me to try it a few more times and, for some reason, I did.

Then, Jessie, being a former sprinter herself, added a whole other level of fun when we would take off across some field, leaving the LSD runners in the dust 😉

Oh, and it was Michael saying, “If you had a website for these sandals you’re making, I’d put you in our new book,” that was the beginning of Xero Shoes!

If you watch this trailer and don’t want to book a ticket for the workshop where Michael and Jessie take you to all of these amazing locations, then there’s something wrong with you (or you already live in Hawaii).

I’ve seen clips from the entire movie and it’s really something special. Enjoy.