Best Xero Shoes Workout Shoes, According to Top Media

Media are constantly looking for the best workout shoes and spend months testing in the gym, at Boot Camp, and at CrossFit.

Xero Shoes’ workout shoes like the Prio Neo, Forza Trainer and Prio provide natural comfort for maximum performance, while feeling lightweight and breathable.

Check out the list below of media’s top-rated, best Xero Shoes workout shoes.

CNN Underscored: Best Weightlifting Shoes

“These are great for lifting and training on the gym floor — and for everyday use,” says Lauren Martin, a certified group fitness instructor in Colorado.

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Men's Journal: Best Workout Shoes

Livestrong: Best Barefoot Lifting Shoes

“An evolution of the popular Prio, these barefoot lifting shoes from Xero Shoes combine gym functionality with athleisure style.”

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Sports Illustrated: Best Shoes for Circuit Training

“The Xero Prio Neo is our pick as one of the best “barefoot” choices for circuit training because the shoes have a flexible, but stable, fit that allows full mobility while still supporting you from the bottom up. “

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HEALTH Best in Fitness Awards 2023

Best Sneakers

A favorite of ACE-certified fitness instructor Aimee Nicotera, she said” These help people actually feel the ground and give the toes lots of space.” If you are a fan of strength training/weight lifting and CrossFit, these are worth trying…”

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Women's Health Sneaker Awards 2023

Best Weight Lifting Shoes with Added Support

Like all Xero barefoot-style shoes, you feel one with the ground thanks to the thin and flat sole. What’s more: “The Velcro strap right below the ankle helps me feel extra locked in and stable when strength training,” says Jacqueline Andriakos, Editor in Chief.

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SELF: Best Weightlifting Shoes

“This flat-soled sneaker also features a wide toe box, which should allow your toes to spread and bend freely for more balance.”

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Woman's World: Best Workout Shoes for Women Over 50

“The Prio Neo is a sleek performance training shoe that’s ready for action and all-day comfort,” Maria Pro says. “A moisture-wicking lining keeps your feet cool.“

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HuffPost: Best Sneakers for Working Out

“If you’re looking for a good “barefoot” sneaker, online fitness instructor Bianca Russo recommended seeking “brands that explicitly say their designs include a spacious toe box, so that your toes have the space to move and leverage their innate dexterity.” Russo’s favorite brand of barefoot-feeling shoes for working out and daily wear are from Xero.”

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Barbend: Best Cross-Training Shoes

For barefoot enthusiasts, these minimalist workout shoes can be just the ticket thanks to their 0-millimeter heel-to-toe drop, thick and durable upper, and a removable insole that can allow for an even closer ground contact.

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