Should you wear Xero Shoes?

This infographic should answer your question: Any questions? 😉 Semi-seriously — Xero Shoes’ shoes and sandals are all about natural movement. Your feet are made to bend, flex, move, and feel. Xero Shoes let them do that. Lightweight, minimalist, barefoot-inspired shoes and sandals for running, hiking, walking, travel, working out, yoga, Crossfit, even tackling an […]

A NEW minimalist RUNNING and fitness shoe from Xero Shoes

We are super proud to announce our first performance SHOE from Xero Shoes, the Prio. “Prio” comes from proPRIOception — the key to enjoyable, natural movement. For Spring/Summer 2017, the Prio comes in 2 colors for Men and 2 for Women: For men — True Yellow and Imperial Blue For Women — Nautical Blue and […]

The Lena minimalist casual shoe for women is here!

We announced our first closed-toe shoe in October 2016, the Hana. The Hana is mostly a “men’s” shoe, even though there are LOTS of women who wear it. Well, we’re thrilled to announce the “sister” to the Hana… the Lena. And, yes, technically the Lena is a “women’s shoe,” but if you’re a man with […]

Mickey Wilson Saves a Skiers Life

Mickey Wilson is a professional slackliner. Three things… 1) If you don’t know what that is, here’s a taste   2) YES, you can be a PROFESSIONAL slackliner 3) It’s a GREAT thing Mickey is a professional slackliner. Because his skills saved the life of a skier. Here’s the story from the Ellen show. (Yes, […]

Xero Shoes’ 7th Anniversary Sale is ON!

Lena and I started Xero Shoes out of a corner of a spare room on November 23rd, 2009… we thought, “Maybe it’ll generate enough money for a car payment, and we’ll get some minimalist/barefoot running sandals onto a few people’s feet.” We even had a debate about whether to buy a folding table and take […]

Emilio Torres Joins Xero Shoes as VP Sales & Marketing

Emilio Torres, the former Director of Sales Operations for Crocs and, more recently, Vice President of Business Development for Brand 44 Colorado, joins Xero Shoes as Vice President of Sales & Marketing We are THRILLED to announce that Emilio Torres has come on board as our Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Emilio comes to […]

Congrats to the Z-Trail Sweepstakes Winners!

4,117 people entered our Z-Trail our Ultimate Sandal Sweepstakes Giveaway! And we’re thrilled to annouce the 61 winners… 58 were randomly chosen and 3 were commenters. And then, well, we added more prizes and winners, as you’ll see below 😉 Oh, and over 2,200 people grabbed their Z-Trail sandals during the launch! If you weren’t […]

Congrats to our Thankwansmaskaversary winners!

Congratulations to the winners in our Black Cyber Thankwansmaskaversary 6-year Anniversary Celebration giveaway! Lena and I are very touched by all the wonderful comments and feedback we’ve gotten, and can’t wait to see what the NEXT six years brings for Xero Shoes (we have BIG plans). Without further ado, the winners, selected randomly, are: $25 […]

Xero Shoes Coupon Codes

Looking for a Xero Shoes Coupon Code? Well, then STOP. Because they don’t exist. If you look on our Shopping Cart page or Checkout page, you’ll see that we don’t have anywhere to enter coupon code. We don’t use them. So when you see someone advertising that they have coupons for Xero Shoes they are […]

Xero Shoes Coupon Scams!

Sometimes I think the Internet brings out the worst in people. If you search for “Xero Shoes Coupons” you will find a TON of sites saying they coupons for saving money on Xero Shoes. The problem is that they’re fake. All of them. It’s a real hassle for us because we’ll get calls from customers, […]