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Amuri Cloud Webinar

Amuri Cloud by Xero Shoes Barefoot ShoesHave questions about the new Amuri Cloud, or any Xero Shoes product, or anything about barefoot running?

Then join me on a live webinar where I’ll answer ‘em all.

When: Thursday, March 27th at 6pm PT (that’s 7pm Mountain time, 8pm Central time, 9pm Eastern).


Online — Click Here to join us!

Xero Shoes selected to pitch at Angel Capital Summit 2014

Xero Shoes selected for Rockies Venture Club's Angel Capital SummitRockies Venture Club selected Xero Shoes from over 100 companies to pitch at the 2014 Angel Capital Summit on March 18, 2014.

ACS is one of the region’s major investor conferences, drawing several hundred investors and entrepreneurs.

Xero Shoes’ CEO, Steven Sashen, will present the barefoot-inspired footwear brand he co-founded with his wife, Lena Phoenix, in late 2009.

“We’ve been able to bootstrap up until now,” Sashen explains, “but our sudden growth into international and domestic retail needs more capital.”

Sashen and Phoenix appeared on ABC’s hit show, Shark Tank, in 2013 and rejected a $400,000 offer from Kevin O’Leary. Says Phoenix, “He wanted 50% of our company, and that wasn’t going to happen.”

A press release about the Xero Shoes pitch at Angel Capital Summit can be found here.

I dare you to run barefoot! Or bigfoot. Or both!

What inspires someone to take off their shoes and run barefoot?

For Khanh Nguyen it was knee pain and the hope that barefoot running would help.

Once he got started, in bare feet and in Xero Shoes, he was on fire. He’s run 1/2 marathons, mud races and, most recently, he ran UP the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas in his Xero Shoes. AND, he did it in our Bigfoot, the Xero Hero costume!

Enjoy this really fun interview with Khanh, and see what motivates him to run (hint: his brother dared him!)

Bigfoot wears barefoot shoes? Yup.

Have you seen bigfoot?

If you were in Las Vegas on March 2nd at the Stratosphere hotel, you probably did.

In fact, you may have seen this mysterious barefoot beast climb the Strat!

While most people who claim to see bigfoot have grainy, fuzzy pictures or video, we have high-resolution proof of his existence. And, even more, we have proof that Bigfoot wears barefoot running shoes. Xero Shoes, to be exact! Continue Reading

Does barefoot running cause calf pain?

Does barefoot running cause calf pain?Thanks to Frédérik Sisa, for asking me to answer a few questions about barefoot running on his site, The Front Page Online.

I want to highlight a point that I make in the interview, because I think it’s under-appreciated and under-discussed in the barefoot community.

For example:

If you haven’t been barefoot in a while – especially if you want to explore barefoot running – you probably are not used to using your muscles in the way that barefooting will demand.

Sometimes this means that the transition to barefoot may  require strengthening. More often it means simply paying attention to your body, finding the comfortable way to move that doesn’t require extra effort (that is, I would focus on moving with less effort before trying to get stronger).

The key point I want to emphasize is use less effort.

Most people think that calf or Achilles pain is simply part of the transition process from running in shoes to running barefoot, that the cause is previous underuse, and that the solution is to get stronger.

I disagree.

More often than not, calf or Achilles pain is from using those muscles/tendons more than necessary, not that they’ve been weakened by wearing shoes for some amount of time.

If, when you land, you reach out with your foot (overstriding), you use your calf and Achilles to decelerate. Sure, getting freakishly strong may make that easier to do, but the correct solution is to “stop putting on the brakes” when you land by stopping your overstriding and, instead, placing your foot more “underneath your body.”

Similarly, if you remove your foot from the ground by pushing off with your toes, you’re essentially doing bodyweight calf raises every time you take a stride… and even a short run would be more than your body can handle. Again, the solution isn’t to hit the weight room and improve your calf raise strength. It’s to LIFT your foot off the ground (instead of pushing) by flexing at the hip. If you imagine what happens if a bee would sting your foot… you wouldn’t try to push away from the ground, you would reflexively (faster and easier) pull your foot from the ground with a hip flex.

In order to use less effort, you’ll probably have to start with less running. That’s fine. By the time you figure out how to make things easier, you probably will have gained any extra strength that you may need, if any.

Remember my barefoot running mantra: “How can I make this lighter, easier, and MORE FUN?”

Transition to Barefoot Running – Xero Shoes interviews Alex Hill

Why would you make the transition to running barefoot? And what’s it like to do that?

How do you avoid doing “too much, too soon”?

Are Vibram Fivefingers the same as barefoot? The best minimalist choice?

We sat down (well, stood up, since I use a treadmill desk ;-) ) and talked with Alex Hill about how and why he made the move. Plus we get 2 special guests during our talk, and see some AWESOME feet when we do.

Alex made a “commercial” about Xero Shoes… here it is:

Do you need to call the Superheros of Health?

We take a break from our usual chat about barefoot running and walking for this:

I don’t think it’s much of a confession to say that I’m a total health and fitness geek.

I love keeping up on the research about strength training (most recently: power factor training), diet (my latest obsession: resistant starch), supplementation (lately: nothing), and anything else that could improve the quality of my life.

So, I was a kid in a candy store when I heard about “The Superheroes of Health

The Superheroes of Health

Amber Rogers, from has put together an incredible collection of 23 ebooks and audios that dig behind the mythology of health and fitness. Some of my favorite writers/researchers are in the mix. In fact, I already owned 3 of the ebooks in the Superheroes of Health collection. But that didn’t stop me from buying the whole package ;-)

I hope that you get introduced to some great people, including Armi Legge, Chris Highcock, Alan Aragon, Amber Rogers, and a LOT more. And, more, I hope yu get some great value out of the info that Amber has put together for you.

And now, back to our regular barefoot running shoes programming ;-)

Can you run long distance in sandals? You bet!

There’s nothing I find funnier than when I’m running in my Xero Shoes sandals and someone asks, “Can you run in those?”

Uh… you’re WATCHING me run in them!

Well, when I tell non-runners that some people run 100k ultramarathons in huaraches, they’re incredulous.

Now I don’t need to explain anything, I can just show this video of the La Ruta Run, a 50k and 100k race that took place in Costa Rica. Arguably, La Ruta is the hardest trail ultramarathon in the world.

Check it out… but be careful. This video will make you want to run La Ruta!

Oh, and look at the 4:18 -ish mark for Jonathan Sinclair and Melissa Gosse running La Ruta in their Xero Shoes! Hear them talk about running La Ruta here.

And check out the women running in their cheap plastic sandals!

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