Are your shoes killing you?

I’m a fan of debunking “common wisdom” and uncovering surprising truths. That’s what led me to take off my expensive running shoes in 2009 and see what happened if I let my feet move, bend, flex, and feel… naturally. For me, the rest is history. But for many, the idea that your feet can actually […]

Become a Part-Owner of Xero Shoes

Now you can invest in a company you believe in, and it doesn’t cost millions to do it! Here’s a presentation I did at NextGenCrowfunding on June 16th, describing the opportunity to invest in the Future of Footwear. Find out more and see how you can become a part-owner of Xero Shoes at   […]

The new Fidget Spinner?

All the cool kids are doing it… why don’t you try it? Okay, I cheated… I’m using a magnetic levitation display. But we still hope all the cool kids take Xero Shoes for a spin

You can own a piece of Xero Shoes

Now you can invest in the future of footwear. We’re offering a limited number of shares of stock in our company. And thanks to the new equity crowdfunding rules, you don’t need millions to invest. In fact, if you look at the bonuses that come with your investment, you may be quite surprised at the […]

Should you wear Xero Shoes?

This infographic should answer your question: Any questions? 😉 Semi-seriously — Xero Shoes’ shoes and sandals are all about natural movement. Your feet are made to bend, flex, move, and feel. Xero Shoes let them do that. Lightweight, minimalist, barefoot-inspired shoes and sandals for running, hiking, walking, travel, working out, yoga, Crossfit, even tackling an […]

No support for support?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Support makes you weak Think about it. You break your leg. You put your leg in a cast for 8 weeks. What does it look like when it comes out? Stronger? Nope. Weak and atrophied. Same thing with feet. If you “support” them and don’t let […]

A NEW minimalist RUNNING and fitness shoe from Xero Shoes

We are super proud to announce our first performance SHOE from Xero Shoes, the Prio. “Prio” comes from proPRIOception — the key to enjoyable, natural movement. For Spring/Summer 2017, the Prio comes in 2 colors for Men and 2 for Women: For men — True Yellow and Imperial Blue For Women — Nautical Blue and […]