4 Exercises to Strengthen Your Ankles and Feet

I’ve always been a fan of shoes as a fashion statement, but when looking cool or sexy becomes the priority over feeling good than we have a problem. It is no secret nowadays that the health of our body directly effects how we feel emotionally and how we think. The last 10 years of my […]

Water? Rocks? Running? Bring it on.

We last left you hanging wondering which model of Xero Shoe we pack along for our different adventures. We often take multiple shoes when we travel, but the Xero Z-Trek sandal always makes the cut due to its versatility, low maintenance and extreme light weight. The Z-Trek is a fantastic sandal for river and water […]

5 Easy Tips to Staying Fit While Traveling

You’ve got a stellar vacation coming up. Each night you’re thinking about all the new food you’re about to chow down on, the new scenes you’re going to experience, and all the novelty coming your way! But if you’re like the common athlete/fitness fanatic the anxiety will sneak it’s way into that excitement sandwich. “How […]

F Sending: Celebrating the Fun of Slacklining with Liz Thomas

For those outside of the slacklining community, let’s start with a quick vocabulary lesson: Send: a verb known to have originated in climbing but has now spread to numerous outdoor sports such as skiing, surfing, highlining, slacklining, mountain biking, and more. In climbing to “send” means that you have climbed the climb in one go […]

Adventures with Chris & Roxy

We don’t run regularly. In fact, we don’t hike, bike, train, compete or do much of anything with regularity. Except yoga, standup paddle boarding and a few circus arts. We’re mostly explorers who are guilty of mashing up multiple activities into a weekend as we explore the National Parks in and around Utah. When we […]

Barefoot Running at Age 70!

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Xero Hero, Bill Johnson. What makes Bill a Xero Hero (other than the dozen pairs of Xero Shoes that he owns)? Well… Bill began barefoot running about 7 years ago… at age 63! According to his doctors, he shouldn’t be able to run at all. But now at age […]

Xero Hero – Marissa Ruxin

We’re thrilled to welcome Marissa Ruxin as a Xero Hero. Here’s her story: I ran track and cross country in high school and had to take a whole season off because I got stress fractures in both shins due to my running and the shoes that I wore. People were telling me to get special […]

The Barefoot Running world has lost a true friend

There are a number of semi-celebrities in the barefoot running world (that is, famous in the niche, but not necessarily well known to the general public). But there’s one man whose influence and value to those of us who support and benefit from natural movement eclipses all the celebs combined. His name is Bill Katovsky […]

Time to WIN Chi Running again

Danny Dreyer from Chi Running has another giveaway! Enter below to win 1 a year to subscription to the ChiRunning School ($120 value), 1 pair Xero Shoes Amuri Cloud Sandals ($49.99 value), 1 case Nanu Performance Nutrition Bars ($32 value). The more you enter, the better your chances to win a Rafflecopter giveaway