Adjust the Z-Trek, Z-Trail, Genesis, Venture and Cloud for a perfect fit

To get a just-right fit for your sandals, follow the instructions below. And if you need more help, feel free to reach out to our Customer Happiness Team at 303.447.3100 or

For all of our sandals, you want to aim for “snug but comfortable.”

Z-Trek and Z-Trail sport sandals

Cloud, Genesis (and Venture) huarache-style thong sandals

Shortening the laces on the Cloud, Genesis (and Venture)

If you tighten your heel lacing and end up with “too much lace”, you can shorten the laces by following these instructions:

62 thoughts on “Adjust the Z-Trek, Z-Trail, Genesis, Venture and Cloud for a perfect fit

  1. It seems to me that the amount of lace is a fixed amount. So when I tighten the heel, It seems to me that this would loosen the toe area.
    Is this correct.

    If not, where does the lace go to?

    1. Hi Ed,

      The heel and toe areas can be tightened and loosened independently.

      The laces aren’t a loop. There are 2 “free” ends… pull them through the tensioners in one direction and they tighten things… draw them back through in the other direction and they loosen things.

      In other words, when you tighten the heel area you’re making the ends of the laces longer (in the same way that when you tighten your shoe laces, you have more “free” lace).

      That help (it should be self-explanatory from the video).

      1. Thank you Steven
        That clears up a mystery for me.
        I am always amazed at your helpfulness. Most CEO’s are too busy to talk to anyone.
        I am going to get these shoes fitted perfectly so that I can wear them in my Zumba classes. I am 86 and the only man inn both classes. I shaped them with scissors and sanded them smooth so they match my feet exactly. They look great and I can’t to hear what the women in my classes will have to say.

  2. Do you think these require more of a break in period than normal xeroshoes? Personally I noticed a difference…I got a big blister on my toe from the rubber thong…although this could also be due to not having them adjusted to fit in the same way was my traditional Xero’s…and the fact that I was so excited about them I went out and immediately ran 3 miles…so I may have overdone it for some new shoes, but the ventures are amazing, I will say that. I do a lot of hiking and such as I’m preparing for an ultra this summer and the heelcup was a very nice addition to keep all those little rocks out.

    1. Hi Matthew,

      To be clear for others reading this, there’s no “break in period” for the SHOES… that is, they don’t change shape or density as you wear them.

      Your question, it seems is about the WEARER getting used to them, yes?

      I think you answered your own question, actually. If you adjust these to have the same tension as your DIY kit shoes, they’ll perform the same way.

      Most people find the toe post LESS noticeable than the laces once they have the tension dialed in.

      Hope that helps.

      1. Yes, I agree…I think my toe posts were a little too loose because i normally keep my DIY laces tight against the toe webbing and I got the blister further up my toe…so I’m gonna go with my own fault. 🙂 But like I said, these shoes are amazing Steven… I love them all, my DIY connects, and my two sensori ventures. I don’t wear anything else…ever

  3. Why was the shoe (Ztrek/Ztrail) redesigned without the “hook”? Now it makes getting in and out of them a pain. Personally I thought the hook was a bad design because it looked like a place of high wear over time and it didn’t seem secure but it was better than nothing. An interlocking type clasp would be a better option imo. Now I have to undo the velcro every time and I would be willing to bet that the velcro wears out before the shoe does. I bought the Ztreks thinking they would have the hook release because that’s what is shown in the videos. You really should reshoot that video.

    1. In short, almost nobody was using it… and it was a “failure point.”

      Next to the video you’re referring to, we mention that the new product no longer has the hook.

      If you look at the 2nd video at, you’ll see how we get in/out of the Z-Trek and Trail from the TOP, in the same (or less) time than it takes to use the hook… and it saves the velcro.

      Hope that helps.

      1. I agree, the Velcro sucks and has limited wear time. Already wearing out after only a few weeks of wear. Why put Velcro straps on the back if you recommend not using them?

        1. If you’re having problems with the Velcro, contact our Customer Happiness Team directly at either or 303.447.3100. It’s on there to allow you to adjust the fit, fore and aft, based on your heel shape.

        2. Robin, the Velcro from what I have understood is only for adjustment, not getting in and out. Velcro has limited connect/reconnect cycles. See my earlier comment. Adjust for fit, not overtighten… slide foot in and out, pull up or down to get in and out.

      2. I have the hook. I learned not to cross my feet or it would come undone. I seldom use the Velcro to get in and out. I use Velcro for minor adjustments and slide my foot in over the back straps and pull the back loop up. I have over 25,000,000 steps on the Z’s so I am approaching the end warranty, unless I wear through the sole first. I wear the first pair every day above freezing for sure, and it is both running and casual. I calculate my steps and distance using Garmin wristwatches. If you do the math, I am past the guarantee point. I do intend on testing these babies to the limit. Will update whence I arrive there, where ever that point might be. ;_) The soles have no tread, and do get slippery on wet surfaces. But a die hard, hard core, old geezer runner for sure. Don’t give up but be gentle on the body, go barefoot style!

  4. Instead of cutting off the laces on my new Ventures I undid the lace tab, pulled the laces out of the plastic adjusting hardware and wrapped them around the ankle hole riser. This gave the ankle strap more lift so it doesn’t slide down anymore.

  5. Quick Question- I recently purchased the Z-Trek Lightweight Sport Sandal, which I have been very pleased with. I have no issues when wearing them throughout the day. However, this week I started jogging in them and my heel has a tendency to land on the outside ridge of raised heel cup. I have tried to adjust them to prevent this from happening and I just cannot find an adjustment that prevents this. (Note: this is not a problem when I walk around in them) Any hints on how to solve this issue? Thanks!

  6. Fit is perfect for my left foot, but my right foot walks forward and inward, making my big toe hang over the edge of the sandal (Amuri Cloud). I’ve tried several adjustments at the mid-strap, but I can’t seem to figure out how to get my right sandal to behave like the left.

    The heel falls just a smidge more, as well, leading to a slight flip-flop clap, if that helps diagnose anything. With my foot sitting perfectly on the foot imprint, I have at least a quarter inch forward of the webbing between my big toe and index toe (I guess it’s called that). I didn’t think I had long toes, but there sure is a lot of forward play with these, contributing to my foot sliding. My feet are virtual mirrors of each other, though, so I don’t know why my left sandal behaves so much better.

    Theories or suggestions? Thanks!

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    2. It sounds like you’ve got a “unilateral form issue.” That means your right leg is doing something different than your left. Both the noise and the moving of your foot suggest “overstriding” — your foot is landing too far in front of your body, so the sandal hits the ground and sticks and your foot continues to move. While this post isn’t about overstriding, it is about addressing unilateral issues … Similarly, may give you some insight.

  7. I have a fairly skinny foot and after adjusting straps on my Z-Trail’s, I still have a lot of extra length on the top webbing strap that just flops around beyond the rubberband. Do you have any tips for securing the straps further?

    1. You can trim the webbing with a pair of scissors… and then heat-seal the end so it doesn’t fray by carefully using a lighter.

  8. I recently bought a pair the Amuri Cloud, and I absolutely love them! But one thing I have noticed since transitioning from the DIY kit, is that since the Cloud have the foam padding, my foot must naturally slip towards the inside of the sandal. Now I can feel the slight lip between the foam and the rubber.

    Are there any tying tips that will how keep my entire foot more central to the whole sandal?

  9. I have my new clouds and am very happy with them with one exception. My right foot is slightly (3mm) longer than my left and I am finding that the heel butts up to the heel section a little too much but the left feels loose and definitely the right size if not a little too big. What is the best solution. I feel like the gap between the back of the sandal and heel on the right is slightly too small. Any help would be appreciated!

  10. Hi! I love my Xero Shoes, I started running in the Hannas, and love the so much, I started wearing them as my everyday & office shoes. I recently bought some Xero Huaraches, to run in, but I’ve been starting to get pains in the balls of my feet, Especially below by big toes (on both feet). I’ve tried landing more flat footed, and more on the outer edge of my feet to relieve the pain, but I can’t seem to pinpoint what part of my running technique is off. Do you have any recommendations on how to prevent this type of injury? It hurts less in the Hannas with the insoles. Would you recommend additional (or thicker) insoles, if so, do you sell anything for added cushioning for longer marathon runs? Thanks!

    1. Does it seem more like a muscle thing or a bruising thing? Is it better when you run uphill or downhill? My bet is that you’re changing your gait when you switch out of the Hana. I don’t actually recommend using padding to cover up an issue. Things like this are almost always form-related, so the real solution is to identify and change that. Video may be helpful… I’m happy to look at one.

  11. How should closed toe shoes like the Hana and Lena fit? I ordered the right size according to my foot length measurement, but I don’t know how to judge the fit and size up or down accordingly. I’ve never worn a minimalist shoe before. Thank you!

  12. i just bought a venture and cloud, they both seem to be adjusted too far forward on my foot. so that there is room in the rear and no room in the front. any ideas on how to adjust for this?

  13. I have a wide foot for a female. Do I order a female or male sandal. I don’t want my toes to hang off the side

  14. I have a wide foot for a female. When I buy rainbow flip flops I purchase a mans Do I need a female or male sandal? Also which one would be best for me? I mainly want one for walking . Thank you

    1. You can print the sizing templates for the men’s and women’s sandals to see which would give you a better fit. People do EVERYTHING in ALL of our sandals — walking, hiking, running, etc. So, it’s more about preference for style (e.g. thong style or sport sandal style) and how much barefoot feeling you want — see for more info about that.

  15. I recently bought the toe loops to upgrade my diy huaraches in the hope that it would stop rubbing the gap between my toes raw. It didn’t stop happening. Is my shoe adjusted wrong or is this a technique problem?

  16. I have edema in my feet, and sometimes it’s pretty bad. I can see that these are really adjustable, but I’m wondering how much play there is in the straps. In the past, I have had problems with there being enough velcro to keep sandals on my feet. Since I would need to be able to allow for a sometimes very swollen top of my feet, would these work for me?

    1. Unfortunately, I can’t tell just from your description. We don’t have Velcro on the forefoot strap, but without measurements of some sort, I can’t tell if we have enough strap length for your situation.

      1. I am a women’s size 9.5-10 depending on the shoe. I tend to go to the wide widths in a lot of shoes, because that sometimes gives me enough depth to allow for the swelling in my feet. If My feet can become twice the normal depth around the ball of my foot when the swelling is at its worst. I’d be happy to measure my feet if you think it would help. I have a flight coming up, and I’d love to have some very light and comfortable shoes to wear. Edema is awful for finding tolerable footwear.

        1. You could wear the “men’s” version of our Z-Trail and Z-Trek for extra width and strap length, but I can’t think of what measurement you could give me to approximate the strap length, unless you look at the construction of those shoes and get the idea of how the straps work: across the toes, across the midfoot, across the top of the foot, with the webbing going down, approximately, to the ankle bones.

          1. Can you tell me how long that strap is? I have a measuring tape and could probably approximate what you are telling me by measuring my foot and comparing that with the length of the strap.

          2. For which size shoe? (use the templates at to find out)

          3. Women’s 10/men’s 8.

          4. Which shoe (it’s not the same for both)?

          5. Z-Trail, men’s. Probably a better idea than a women’s shoe.

          6. Approximately 20 inches.

  17. My toes unfortunately are too long for the women’s barefoot sandal to fit me. If my foot is positioned with the toe post in the right spot, then there is over 1/2″ of space at the back of the heel and my toes hang off the front. The trail shoe works though.

  18. I guess I have to get used to these Genesis sandals. Walked about a mile on Friday and was ok until the last 1/4 mile. Ended up with severe hotspots on the bottom side, outside the arch and a bad blood blister that showed up Sunday where the plug came up between the toes on my right foot. I have adjusted according to instructions and I know it is just needing to develop a walking method. However, having said that, I do use very thin 5-finger shoes and never had this problem. Any ideas?

    1. Take a look at and see the first video at

      Hopefully those will help.

      Suffice it to say, it sounds like your form changed in that last 1/4 mile.

      Keep in mind that we have tens of thousands of people who walk, hike, and run in the Genesis, Cloud, and Venture sandals without a problem… and that this basic sandal idea is about 10,000 years old. So, if all those people can do it, I’m sure you can, too.

  19. Okay, 2 pairs of Cloud sandals for 2 people, and the straps seem JUST long enough. Both are at maximum extension. And both of us would like a bit more space. What am I doing wrong? I’ve been through the video a few times. Any suggestions?

    1. I can’t tell from an email. Send photos from various angles, including one where you put your finger under the toe strap and lift up a bit (if you can) to show the tension, to and our Customer Happiness Team will help you out.

  20. Hello,
    I got a Genesis sandal and despite I’ve seen this video many times, I’m having trouble adjusting the front section. I tightened it by pulling the lace toward the heel to the maximum but the sole keeps flip flapping in the front. Size seems the right one for me and my toes are not short. Should I trim the rubber so the toes’ space is reduced?

    1. Best if you can send us photos to show us how they fit, including one where you put your finger under the toe strap and lift up a bit (if you can) to show the tension. Email to and our Customer Happiness Team will help you out.

  21. Hi I have the Amuri Z-trek but I keep walking on the heel bit. My heel doesn’t go properly in the middle. I’ve tried to adjust the straps tighter or looser but nothing helps. Maybe it’s the shape of my feet? I can try to send a photo…

    1. Not sure… You can send us photos to show us how they fit (top, back and both profiles). Email to and our Customer Happiness Team will help you out.

      1. Thanks! I have sent an email

        1. Was there any solution to this? My husband is having the exact issue with his new sandals.

          1. Please contact our Customer Happiness Team directly — or 303.447.3100

    2. I’m having the exact same problem!! However I love the sandals and I’m hoping its just that one of my straps isn’t quite right 🙂

  22. I am having dificulty with the ball of my foot on the greater toe. It is as if my big toe does not want to be on the genisis I will have up to a 1/4 of an inch creep off of the sole within aprox 100ft of walking. Any answers or resolutions would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I’m not sure what you mean. It could be helpful if you send some photos to our Customer Happiness Team at

  23. I am having trouble in that I have long thin feet and it seems that Steven’s feet are “big boned” and the xero shoes are modeled after his feet maybe? My toe is at the end of the sandal but there is space on both sides all the way down to the heel. I get too much moment in the front of my foot and it causes blisters on long hikes.

    1. These definitely are not modeled on my (Steven’s) feet ;-)… contact our Customer Happiness Team at 303.447.3100 or, better, email photos (top, both sides) to them at And also, check out and see the first video at for help about blisters. We have tens of thousands of people hiking millions of miles in our products without any issues… there’s no reason you can’t do the same.

      1. This is my second pair. First pair were the DIY FEELTRUE SANDAL KIT. I was able to cut it down to fit better but I like the non-toe style sandal better. I really like these sandals and I wear them almost every day since I got them. Just would be nice to have a more narrow option. The blister problem I have only when hiking on dry sandy hike I do often (I live in the desert). It is from lots of slide on the front of my foot. I will watch the video an read the post. I still like the sandals, would just be nice to have more sizing options for a better fit.

        1. We would love to have more sizing options as well… but as a small company, inventory management (and the costs thereof) are very important, and can be quite challenging due to minimums, etc.

          FWIW (for anyone reading this), for the Z-Trail, and Z-Trek, the women’s styles are narrower. For the Genesis (and, previously Venture), those can be trimmed to fit, just like the DIY kits.

          1. I have the z-trek. I considered the woman’s version. The largest woman’s version is too small length wise.

          2. We have our sandal templates at to get a sense of how they fit.

  24. i have a problem with genesis. i just got them from xero shoes. they seem to be
    right adjust. the only problem i have is that when i walk my foot keeps moving forward and i get blisters between my toes where the lacing is. please help? i

    1. This is what we refer to as a “form issue”… what’s happening is that you’re landing with your foot further out in front of your body than is ideal. What this does is: the sandal hits the ground and stops, and your foot keeps moving forward. The solution is a more natural gait, where you land with your foot closer to your body. Take a look at and the videos at (even though that’s more about running, it should help).

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