How do you learn barefoot running?

I received a message from Bryan on Facebook, asking if I had some advice about the fact that when he goes for a run in Xero Shoes, sometimes he can do 3-4 miles without a problem, but sometimes he gets some soreness after a mile or so.

I decided to add my response as a Barefoot Running Q&A video (it’s much more fun that typing).

What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “How do you learn barefoot running?

  1. I have the same issue. I was determined to do more miles than a week before and that doesn’t always happen. I transition from standard running shoes to fivefingers about a year ago. I had problem oneday and the next day runs like never before. In my case, it was not because of the same pain that stopped me. Sometimes it was blisters, sometimes it was because of top of the foot pain, and some days it was sore achilles tendon that ran shorter than I wanted. Just like you saying here, it was a progress that my body was adjusting to a new style of running and ever learning each time. I am now contemplating buying your shoes and give it a shot. Thank you for putting not only product information, but also providing helpful tips for beginners to grow.

    Best wishes,
    Simon Oh

    1. The transition takes as long as it takes, no more, no less 😉

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