Sh*t Barefoot Runners Say…

You’re not a real barefoot runner if you haven’t said one of these 😉

46 thoughts on “Sh*t Barefoot Runners Say…

  1. lol okay that’s pretty damn funny

  2. That shit is funny as hell too! I like it! But man my calves ache like a mofo after running a mile and half’s worth of calf raises! Besides, Vibram sounds too much like Vibrator.

  3. Haha that’s great… I totally just corrected my stepfather the other day… He said it like “vy bron” and I’m like “it’s Vibram”… Just like what you said… Haha that’s too funny.
    And I’m more of a “normal shoes hurt my feet now” saying, kind of person! And it’s TRUE!!! HA!

  4. That’s hilarious, you just earned bonus points in my estimation Steve-o, and as soon as Spring arrives in the frozen North I’m going to buy me some new hibachis.

    1. Rob, the correct pronunciation is: hammockees… or hammer-cheese… or…

  5. Hey, I have said a few of those things myself!

  6. And you still didn’t pronounce Tarahumara right! Lol. Except for your explitive at the end, I was pleasantly surprised to find no “beep” words. Instead, the whole thing is almost a 2 minute mocumentary on some of the points of barefoot running. Btw, was the title inspired by some of the most watched videos recently on YouTube?

    Thanks for the laugh!

    1. You might want to listen/watch again… unless you think “Geez” or “Oww” are expletives, the video is totally Rated G. 😉

  7. ROTFL, I use chia seeds to thicken stew. I get the smell out of my fivefinger washing them with tide no perfume stain packets. I have not been in “real” shoes in 2.5 years.

  8. Nice job, Barefoot Mel Gibson.

  9. Very good Steven. I loved that.

  10. Very funny and relevant video. Thanks for the laugh !

    Justin from France

  11. Totally Awesome Dude!
    Always welcome a good laugh.
    I’m still trying to figure out how to lace these suckers 🙂
    Can I wear them without the lace!!! (;-)

  12. LOL. That was so funny. A really good laugh. Something we tend to forget to do. Thanks. Do more of this!

  13. That was so funny. A really good laugh. Something we tend to forget to do. Thanks. Do more of this!

  14. That was great! Good job, Steven. Pretty much sums up everything I’ve heard said about barefooting/minimalist.

  15. That was great, thanks! BTW, have you read “Born to Run”? Haha!

  16. Love it! I laughed out loud!

  17. Freaking hilarious!!!

    gravel, gravel, gravel!!! Ha!

  18. Right on! I’ve said sooo many of these things! I’m still laughing! Thanks Steven!!!!!

  19. “The guy at the shoe store said if I wanted to run barefoot, these are the best shoes to wear.”

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Classic and so true!!!

  20. Love this! So true about the chia seeds! And the shoes! OMG!

  21. Mmm… I just showed this to my family and they laughed a little _too_ much. Can’t think why…

  22. I said this one on my run the other day: gravel, Gravel, GRAVEL!!

    Next time I run the route, I’ll runn the cul de sac instead of across the street. LOVE it!

  23. I will never again refer to myself as “Barefoot Nate” without snickering at myself just a little. Thanks.

  24. “I can’t even fit into normal shoes any more!”
    “…foot coffins…!”
    “Have you read born to run?”
    “Have you tried chia seeds?”
    Haha… this hit TOO CLOSE TO HOME. Ouch, Steven, you’re gonna make me self-conscious or something. 🙂
    And, great acting, BTW. (you WERE acting, right?!)

    1. In the words of Jon Lovitz… I was AAACTTTIIINGGG!

  25. I have actually developed an allergy from walking barefoot:
    An analysis confirmed that I am allergic to wood, specially when combined with Newton’s Second Law and in the dark..

  26. Very funny!
    Did Chris McDougall watch this video?
    Someone should tell him…

  27. “heel stricker” Ha I totally to that, with the same smug face.

  28. Taraharumi…Haracheez…Veebrum…LOL
    Just what I needed to get through the week!
    I have all these &*$#& shoes to “barefoot” run.

  29. Totally or mostly NAKED feet cause people to say funny sh#t 4 shur. I’m wearing my tommyhoudini hairycheeses outside regularly in Ohio this Winter. The looks and comments from those uninformed, regarding the proven conspiracy of most shoe makers to detroy two legged runner’s body parts, are priceless.

    Compliments to whomever shot your video.

  30. That was totaly funny, and so true. When you said “I can’t even fit in real shoes anymore” I almost busted out laughing. I am a shoe salesman and tell customers that all the time. My pastor gives me a hard time about selling shoes when I don’t even wear them that often.

  31. Am I weird or something? I thought this one was funnier than the follow-up. Maybe I just need to do a few miles barefoot……..

  32. That was laugh-out-loud funny, Steven. Thank you for sharing that.

  33. I was planning to watch the Academy Awards ceremony tonight, but I’m afraid it may be a letdown after watching this video!

    Has Billy Crystal read Born to Run?

  34. Haha, so true. Could relate to this one for sure. Well done Steven.

  35. Steven, funny funny stuff! I know nothing of running barefooted or shod. When I was a kid, a goat chased me once, so I did run then at least that time.
    Mind those toes, Man & keep it up!

  36. HAHA!!! – too Funny!
    I Can’t let any of my friends see this because I’m too close to this stereo-type and the mocking will never end

    1. Remember, if you can’t laugh at yourself, you aren’t joining in on what all your friends are already doing 😉

  37. Hahahaha! Loved it!

  38. I was wearing huaraches in St Louis once, when this teenager asked me, almost in awe: “Are you BFK?” – I didn’t quite play along right, and asked “who?” – “Barefoot Kennedy” – I said “no”. I should have said, “well, actually, I am BFK – not Barefoot Kennedy – it’s actually Barefoot Kristian”. 😉

  39. I think Forest Gump forgot to read “Born to Run” – he wore shoes for his marathon.

  40. gas!!

  41. You know, this video just NEVER gets old! I watch it sporadically every year or so, since 2012, and I still bust a gut every time 😉 Now the first irrational peak of minimalism has passed, but I’m certain when a new generation of runners discovers “barefoot” running, Steven will get another good run from this video 😉

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